Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tonight on idol

Woah, tonight American Idol went by VERY fast. Guess that's what happens when you're down to 6 people! Thankfully next week will be just the one performance night a week - guys & girls together - Top 12!!

Here are my thoughts from tonight. Going from my least favorite (of TONIGHT) to my most favorite! I have no idea who will go home tomorrow. I know it won't be Crystal or Lilly! Normally I would think Didi, but she was great tonight! Normally I would think Paige would stay, but she wasn't so great tonight. SO ... who knows! But here are my thoughts.

OH, Paige. Sweet Paige. What happened?! I think this was one of those rare times that i agreed with the judges. It was awful. I think something was wrong. She was so emotional. She seemed depressed. And when asked, she said it had to do with Michael Jackson. Hmm...I can't believe that's what it was. It seemed like she had a recent death in her own family or something. This girl deserves to be in the Top 12, but i'm scared she messed that up tonight. It was bad. And for part of it, she wasn't even in time with the music. Eek.

Katie is next for me. And i like Katie. And i like her voice. It's just that I liked the others better tonight. I don't think she's going home yet, though.

Lilly is one of my VERY favorites! And she is not going home!! She will probably be in the top 5 or so! I am so sorry, sweet Lilly, to put you third to last this week! You were just not my favorite. I'm sure this is a one time thing. ;)

I'm so glad Lacey didn't go home last week! I really like her. She did better tonight too! But yeah - she may go home this week. She's just not as much of a favorite as the others. I like her, though!

Didi has never been my favorite, but i LOVED her tonight. I thought that was a great song for her & she sang it beautifully. I'm so glad since they made her cry last week. ;)

I just LOVE Katelyn! I love love love her voice & her style. The pic above is from last week & i just love solo artists on the piano! She did great tonight, too. I think she needs a makeover though. Thankfully she will get one if she sticks around a little longer! Isn't that so rude? I'm sorry. I don't know what it is? I like crazy curly hair but maybe she doesn't style it right? Or maybe it's her makeup? I don't know... that's mean. I'm sorry. I love her voice & that's what matters!

Okay, i can't believe I'm putting Siobhan as my 2nd favorite from the night, but she was really good. I liked her a lot tonight! I HATED her singing last week - I know everyone thought it was amazing, but i didn't - not even that last note. It hurt my ears. (Yes, i may lose any credibility that i have when i say that! HA!) Anyway, what she sang today - i like that better for her voice. I like her. And, no, i have no idea what she's wearing in this pic!

Crystal is gonna win!!!! Seriously - i could be wrong! Something could change! But right now i really have no doubt about it! I mean, gosh. I just can't imagine anyone else winning. The girl is AMAZING. She is a star. I would buy her CD. She is awesome. =) She is the winner! I mean, seriously, we could probably stop the show & just fast forward to the end of the competition. But i guess that wouldn't be fair to the others.

So there's my thoughts! I know they are kinda jumbled since usually this would NOT be my order! But there ya have it!


  1. I thought they were rushing a bit tonight too. I agreed with most of the comments except their thoughts on Siobhan...she was amazing. I feel like the judges are trying to hard to come up with comments and be contraversial...great update, thanks.

  2. I loveeee me some Crystal, too. I've loved her since her freaking first audition. she is ... well, pretty much indescribable. If she doesn't win, she will DEF get a record deal, ya know? And I will DEF be buying. LOVVVE HER. And, I'm a big Lilly and Lacey fan, too.

  3. o! and katelyn is gorgeous. she needs to be a model.


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