Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I have absolutely 100% nothing to blog about. I am bored. All my work is done for the moment (lots to do but waiting on other people!). Anyway.

First - Ask me some more questions! Pretty please! So i will have something to blog about!! ;) You can ask them in the little box in my sidebar. It's completely anonymous, so if you want me to leave a link for your blog when i answer the question, then please add who you are after the question!

Second - I left my breakfast & my cell phone at home this morning. I am doing so good with this healthy lifestyle thing but i have to eat breakfast! I never have time before i leave, plus i am not at all in the mood to eat that early. So i usually eat it at my desk around 8 or 8:30. Oops. Forgot it today. I did find one of my low calorie mini pizzas in the freezer at work. So that's what i had. Not very breakfast-y. But i was starving.

Third - My schedule is about to get real busy! All fun stuff, but i'm just saying. I took another job at the Manship Theatre. It's closer to home & it pays!! It's VERY part-time. Kind of like, only if i feel like it part-time. ;) But it's extra cash so i'm going for it. I will work as a House Manager some nights & as a Rep other nights. HM's work the lobby area & such during a concert. Reps work backstage - kinda help out with anything that the performing artist needs. This isn't a community theatre. It's just a nice place downtown that has concerts & dances & plays & art & such all the time. So it'll always vary. So that's cool. Tonight i'm going for my first night of training. My dear friend Shannon works there & i haven't hung out with her in ages, so i'm thrilled about that. But it's a long day! 7:30-4:00 today at work & then i have to be there by 4:45 & i have no idea how late i will be there. I'm thinking kinda late because tonight's artist is a singer & her concert is 7:30-9:30. I'm training for the Rep position & Reps are the first ones in & the last ones out. EEK! I am going to be SO TIRED tomorrow! HA!

I am also considering (well, it's pretty much decided) putting every dime i get from the Manship towards that last debt that i owe (student loans). That would be awesome. I would be so proud of me. And then i could start saving for that house!! =)

Fourth - Remember that crazy schedule i told you about? Well, i just feel like typing it out because my brain is kinda swimming with it all right now. So here we go. (Obviously i'm not including my usual - daily work of 7:30-4:00 & church on Sundays):

April 14 - tonight - training at the Manship
April 15 - dinner at the in-laws. Yipee!
April 16 - possibly having some friends over for dinner. Yipee again!
April 17 - morning - visit farmer's market with my friend Jenn. YIPEE!!
April 17 - evening - my good friend's wedding! Double yipee! (Ok, i'm stopping w/ the yipees now. Just know i'm excited about pretty much all of it.)
April 22 - training at the Manship, take 2.
April 24 - morning/afternoon - family reunion
May 1 - morning - Walk like Madd (5k, good thing i can WALK it!)
May 1 - afternoon - my friend Megan's wedding shower
May 6 - work adult vocal auditions for Sound of music
May 8 - double-booked - work children's auditions for Sound of Music - or go to sister's BBQ? (Not really double-booked, just don't know which i will be doing yet.)
May 9 - work dance auditions for Sound of Music
May 10 - work callbacks for Sound of Music
May 16 - begin rehearsals for Sound of Music.

WHEW!!!! & that does not even include some other friends we want to have for dinner one night or my May Manship schedule! (Haven't gotten that yet.) Woohoo!

Getting crazy this summer, i suppose!

Fifth (or last but not least) - American Idol last night. I saved this for last so those of you who could care less can just stop reading here. :) I missed last week so i missed all the drama with Mike almost getting sent home. I was surprised though! Anyway, this week was pretty good (i mean considering this is not the best AI season.). Crystal was AWESOME. Crystal, Lee, Mike - those are my favorites. Then Casey. Then Katie/Aaron/Tim - in that order, i think. This was my FIRST TIME to LIKE Tim. My mom hated it & usually we're on the same page. So I don't know. Siobhan is no longer one of my favorites. She screams. Everyone is in awe of that & i don't get it. There is nothing pretty about it. Yes, she can hold a note out FOREVER & that rocks, but does it have to be a screaming note. They shouldn't have raved about it because now she tries it all the time & i HATE IT. It is NOT good. Anyway, she has dropped to one of my least favorites. Though i like her as a person. Who does that leave? ANDREW. I am glad someone sang "hound dog" that is my dad's favorite Elvis song! HAHA. But i wish it had been someoen cool. I am SO READY FOR ANDREW TO GO!!!! AHHHHH!
OK, so that's all! Now head on over to formspring & ask me something! ;)

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  1. I thought you didn't have anything to write about haha.


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