Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'd love to Dance.

So i got another question on Formspring! This one came from my friend Ashlee at Blessed Chick. You should really check her out - she is HILARIOUS! ;)

Her question was,
"If you could have any talent, what would it be?"

And i'm going to go with - DANCING.

All kinds of dancing. Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe...

& even Salsa, Line, Swing, Ballroom.

Yeah, THAT kind of dancing.
But this is kinda what i look like dancing now...

I took dance when i was little. For 7 years. But since i started at 3, that means i finished at 10. I still to this day don't know why we quit dance. I don't remember asking to quit. I don't remember hating it. In fact, i remember loving it! I was only ten, but i had JUST started on toe when we quit (I'm not sure what the normal starting age for toe shoes is, i just know i started dance at 3 & took for 7 years). My sister took for 10 years & she loved it too. More than i did. I don't know why we quit! One of the reasons we moved to another part of town was to be closer to (a) church, (b) our new school & (c) the dance studio. And then mom took us out of dance. (Why, mom, why??????)(Just kidding - i don't think she reads my blog. But i'm sure she asked if we were okay with it? & we said yeah? I don't know. But i so wish we had stuck to it!)

I sometimes think that if had stuck with it, i would not be the size i am today. Because when you dance regularly you burn more calories. And most dancers i know eat better than i did. And i didn't start gaining a lot of weight until high school.


When i DO lose all this weight, i am going to take some lessons! But i still can't imagine ever being as good as those girl's who have had years of practice...



If only...


It's no wonder i love working the dance shows at the theatre. I could watch them dance all day! I just wouldn't mind being one of them. ;)

Dancers: You Rock.

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Great question, Ashlee!


  1. I love to dance!!!!

    i took years of it as well :)

    I even did Drill team in HS for a little while (I quit because (a) my parents were considering moving (b) it was too easy for me to give that much of my time away to learning things I already knew).

    My favorite is JAZZ :D and hip hop is so much fun as well!!!

    The Coastie and I took Salsa classes together before he joined :) He is an AMAZING dance partner-he can waltz, swing, etc he almost makes me look bad ;) haha

  2. I would have answered the same way. I have always had such a great respect for dancers. Probably because I have absolutely no skills or ability when it comes to dancing! I am going to watch my niece dance on Saturday and I am so excited! Dancing is so beautiful and fun!

  3. i took years of dance too! but you would never know it if you saw me dance today. my sister in law is a dancer - ballet mostly - and i am always so jealous of her mad skills! :)

    loved this post!

  4. I would love to dance too. I remember taking ONE ballet class as a kid but never going back because I stuck my tongue out at the teacher, isn't that weird?!?! I have no idea why I did but I know I was a good kid, the teacher must have had it comin', LOL!! :) One of my favorite Christmas movies is "White Christmas" and I just love the dancing....*sigh*.

  5. FYI: It is never ever ever too late to be a dancer! Nobody cares if you can't dance well, just get up and dance!! :)


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