Friday, April 23, 2010

Kid's Names

Ok, so after the baby post, my friend Ashlee at Blessed Chick followed up with,
"I wanna hear those baby names!"

HAHA. This is really hard because i like WAY TOO MANY NAMES but am not sold on any of them.

Actually just today my hubby & i were discussing this & came up with some names we REALLY like. But since i've changed my mind on this SO MANY TIMES in my life... i figure none of these are definite until i'm 9 months prego (or so)! ;)

I have to start by saying that i want to pass on my middle name. My middle name is Raye. Rae Rogers was my mom's best friend growing up & she was killed at age 15 by a drunk driver. Rae was the only person who invited my mom to church. Mom visited church with her as a young teen. Years later, my mom had it in her head that church would fix her problems & she chose a nearby Baptist church because that's the kind of church Rae belonged to. I think it's really cool how God works, because that set the course for MY life, long before i was even thought of! My parents both became Christians at that Baptist church when i was just a baby. That is also where my parents met the parents of my husband & started a lifelong friendship with them! How crazy is that?! Who knows - if it wasn't for Rae Rogers, my parents may have never known Jesus & i may not have either!!

For that reason, i think it's important to carry on that middle name. I'm also named after my great grandmother Ray (which is the reason for the spelling of my middle name RAYE. Mom's way of putting Rae & Ray together).

For a long time i have been SET on the boy's name Hudson. I just love that name. Back then i wanted to name him Hudson Taylor after a famous missionary. But now I've come to love the name Judah, so Hudson Judah is a possibility.

Boy Names I Like:
Kellen (this is a blog friend's husband's name & i've loved it since i heard it!)

Girl's Names I Like:
Hallie (pronounced like Halle' Berry's name...maybe i'd even be cool & spell it like hers!)
Grace or Gracie (i know, so popular! but i just recently fell in love with that name!)

There are probably a lot of names that i LOVE that i've forgotten about as i'm writing this post. Reina is a new favorite name of mine. I have a coworker with that name & everytime i say it, i just like the sound of it. It's pretty. I told my husband about it & he really likes it, too. Brad is big into linguistics & such & said it is a Spanish name & means "Queen". I might not want to tell her it's meaning for awhile! ;) I guess it might be wierd to have a Reina & a Raye, but at least Raye is going to be a middle name! And I promise not to pair them together ("Reina Raye"?! YIKES!).

Hubby's favorite name for a girl is Mariah & has been since we met. I should probably mention my sweet friend Brooke here. I was her nanny for years & told her the name Hudson when she was pregnant with him! Her first two were Madison & Bryson & she wanted a "-son" for this kid, too! I said, "well, i know a boy name that i love that ends in a "-son" but idk if you will like it!" & i told her. She fell in love with it & asked if she could "steal it" - of course, why not!? (I didn't have a boyfriend or any prospects back then! Pregnancy was surely a LONG way away!) So her 3rd son is Hudson. So before she even had Hudson (he is now 7? 8? Gah, they grow up too fast!), i loved that name & she knew i planned to use it! Well, fast forward years later & i get married to a guy whose favorite girl name is MARIAH. Guess what? That's Brooke's 4th child's name! HAHA. Except it's spelled with an "o", Moriah. Anyway, i am not sure if it's okay to take BOTH of her kid's names! But Mariah is really the only name my husband is set on! Who knows?!!? HAHA! (By the way you should check out Brooke's blog - SUPER CUTE FAMILY!)

So there ya have it. And since i'm really only stuck on ONE boy's name, i might have decided i want 2 girls & a boy: Reina Grace, Mariah Raye, & Hudson Judah?? I don't know, something like that!

P.S. All this baby talk! Whew! If future grandmother's of my children are reading, please do not get TOO excited yet!!! HAHA!


  1. Love all the names! It will be so hard to only pick one, or even a few! I love the name Layla! My niece is going to be born any day now and that is her name =) Hope yall have a great weekend! ~A

  2. FYI...Mara means bitter. We looked into that one for our girls because it combines Sarah & Mark. But when we saw what it meant, we passed. : ) Just my 2 cents worth! Ha ha! Love all the names though...I can't wait for you to get to use them!!!

  3. My niece's name is Moriah! I love all of your names. It's so hard deciding. We thought we had a name set and then went back & forth a million times, but finally settled on Ryan Michael when he was born. If we have another one it better be a girl because I am out of boys names...lol!

  4. Sarah - i know! but Mariah also means bitter. Oh-well! I just love those names! Guess we'll see. My kid will NOT end up bitter though, i forbid it! HAHA. :)

    I forgot Ruby - i like that name. It's cute.

  5. I love the story of your middle name!!!

  6. Hey... There's a blog game going on and you have to tag a few people when you play. You're one of the few I've tagged in my post. Check it out and play along! It's not very difficult! Thanks!! :)



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