Wednesday, April 21, 2010


New Formspring Question!! YAY! =)

This one came from Patti at Emersyn Grace, Our Biggest Little Blessing & Less is More.  Patti is one of my favorite bloggers out there. I love both her family blog & her blog about her weightloss journey (yep, she has two just like me!). She is awesome & encouraging & one of those bloggers i wish i could meet in real life! 

Anyway, here is her question:

If you could pick to have a boy or girl first, what would you pick? How many do you want and what genders if you could pick in a perfect world?

Honestly, Patti? I have no idea. HAHA.

It's just funny because growing up I always new EXACTLY what i wanted. I started out wanting 8 kids (in my preteens) & i had all their names picked out. I remember wanting a baby girl named Alayna first. 

Then it went down to 7 kids. I stuck with 7 kids for awhile and then i guess maybe all those years teaching preschool, working in a daycare & then nannying caught up with me? My number dropped from 7 to 4. 4 kids. 

I stuck with the four kids thing throughout all of my twenties. And then all of a sudden, i think maybe right before we got married or engaged or something, it went down again. To 3. And i'm still stuck on three.

So yeah, whenever Brad makes a face like "THREE KIDS?!", i remind him that at one time i wanted 8. =) 

Brad wants 2, a boy & a girl. I want 3. If i had 2 girls, i'd be happy. If i had 2 boys, i'd want a girl. If i had 3 girls, it'd be okay. If i had 3 boys, well, haha - that'd have to be okay because i don't think Brad is cool with FOUR. Besides, i'm not getting any younger!

And this is all subject to change. I know i sound like a really want girls, but there was a time when i wanted ALL BOYS! It's just that i KNOW Brad will be SUCH a good daddy to a girl. Not that he wouldn't be to a boy. But he just seems like the kinda guy that would have a "daddy's girl". Ya know?

It's crazy how it all changes!! I hope that answered you good enough, though! To sum it up - 2 or 3 kids. As far as the sex, no clue! I know we'll be thrilled with whatever we are blessed with! 

Secretly, i'd love twins. 

And also, you didn't ask names. It's a good thing though because i have far too many names... 

Thanks for the question! If you have a question for me, feel free to ask it in that box in my sidebar! Leave your name or blog link! =) 


  1. 8 kids!!! Holy cow! :)

    3 is good, but considerably harder than 2. Just more little people to keep an eye on. And you are officially outnumbered. :)

  2. Ha ha, we are in the exact same position, Brett wants one of each and I want three. I grew up with just one brother and I thought it was lonely. I have told Brett that if after our next child, if our family feels complete I will consider two but little does he know, I know it WON'T feel complete, LOL. If I could pick, we would have another girl next and then a boy. If we had another girl next, I would also consider adopting a boy too to be sure of the gender. I want to know what it is like to have both a son and a daughter in life.

    Thanks for answering the question. I can't wait for you to be a mommy, it is the best. But so is being a newleywed so enjoy that time too, he he. :)

  3. yikes, 8! but just think of all the hugs you'd get! :)

    before i had kids, i wanted all boys too! crazy how things change. and i so hope that you get twins-they really are the best!

  4. Isn't it funny how the # of kids gets smaller the older you get? I was the same way! When I was little I wanted 8, and by the time Dan & I were dating, I wanted 4, after we had 1 kid, we went down to 3, then had 2 kids(1 boy & 1 girl) and said we were done because we were happy with one of each......then SURPRISE! Here comes Noah!!! But I am so happy with 3! It just seems like EVERYBODY has 2 kids! And I know we have no control over things like this, but after only having 1 sister and no other siblings and losing her, I always wish I had another sibling still here :(
    But anyway, you remember my dream about you having twins awhile back?!?! I guess you never know.....kinda like your title...some things are just meant to be!!!! LOL


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