Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Melody, Mischief & Mayhem

Theatre is on my mind lately. Yes, i know you are thinking it's always on my mind, but even more so now - ever since BRLT announced it's next season. It's all i can think about! I'm so excited about the shows we have coming up. Everytime they announce a new season, i get so happy & wonder who is going to play what part & all that. It's fun!

Next season is going to be amazing! And yes, i do say that every season, but i'm more for real than usual! HAHA! The show line-up is awesome & i'm excited about it! =) I LOVE the name of the theme this year: Melody Mischief & Mayhem! That is cute! I love it!

I do a lot of stage managing. People are always asking when i am going to AUDITION. Well, it may be soon! The last show I was in was in the spring of 2008. I cannot believe it's been 2 years! That is insane! I do love stage managing too. It's different than performing. In some ways it's more stressful. Performing is not EASY, by any means, but you are only responsible for YOU. Your lines, your steps, your entrances & exits, your being on time. The Stage Manager is responsible for it ALL. But it's fun & it's cool to be on that side of it - to watch the auditions & see the cast come together & see how the show gets up on its feet. It's a very cool, very rewarding experience.

However, i truly miss acting. And, i have to say - the #1 thing that holds me back from auditioning is my weight. True, i was overweight in all of the shows i have been in. But that is because i felt there was a part for me. In fact, i wasn't even going to audition for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas - i changed my mind when i was sitting in on a production meeting & heard the director say he wanted girls of all different sizes! Whenever auditions come up, i just see if there is a role i'd like or that i could do & if not, i either SM or ASM or i take a break. The way you look is a HUGE part of casting (some do not get this but yes, it is fair - you have to look the part of the role you are playing). So many times i either know i can't physically do a show (due to the dancing) or that i can't be the role i want (due to my weight). Other times i could have done it but just needed a break at that time. It is what it is. And it's okay. Because i have totally changed my lifestyle & am working on my weight.

So now i have my eyes on 2 shows - to AUDITION for! I am looking at Guys & Dolls (my dream role is Adelaide) which is in April 2011 & Crimes of the Heart (February 2011). I would be thrilled to be in either one of those. Of course, i would love to SM them too. But i would MOST want to be in the show. I was set on Guys & Dolls but now i can't stop thinking about Crimes of the Heart. I've wanted to do a play instead of a musical for once. And it's about three sisters in Mississippi. I need to read it. But i know i would like it. I have been working on my weight (& have lost 15 pounds so far!) & will CONTINUE to work on it without giving up. So who knows what i'll look like come next year!! ;)

ANYWAY. From May 6-9 we are having what i am calling Auditions Extravaganza! HAHA. They are seriously auditioning for 3 shows at once! CRAZY! We have never done this at BRLT before. LOL. It is crazy! They are auditioning Sound of Music, Rent & Pirates of Penzance all at once. At first i felt sorry for the auditionees, but i don't think it will be too bad & they can get it out of the way at once. Plus they have a better chance at making something, in a way! Sound of Music is the summer musical & the other two will be in the fall. I am SMing Sound of Music for the rehearsal period. My friend is going to SM the performances. Usually there's just one SM but this is how it worked with our schedules. I'm really excited - the rehearsal period is my favorite part anyway.

So yeah. That's it. That's all for now. I didn't even mention all the shows they are doing next season. It's gonna be Rent, Pirates of Penzance, Dial M for Murder, Crimes of the Heart, Guys & Dolls, & It Runs in the Family on our main stage & Yellowman & Mrs. Witherspoon on our second stage. So exciting.

PLUS - we are getting new chairs. I can't wait for this! Our chairs in the theatre are OLD & YUCK, but we did a fundraiser where people or groups could buy a chair & we have sold enough to fill our theatre with new seats! AWESOME! The director said that their #1 complaint is the seats, so there ya go! We're fixing that! The seats will be put in right after Sound of Music...which is cool for me since i'll be in the audience for the rest of the year!

Ok, if you stuck around til now, i love you. =)

P.S. If you are reading this & are in or near Baton Rouge & are interested in being a part of it - either on stage or backstage - let me know & i will give you some more information! Or click here. =)


  1. What a great lineup!! I can't wait to see it all come together.

  2. That sounds like an awesome season. I love Rent so much! It's so emotional and fun and real. I really felt that it ushered the way for more gritty musical theatre.
    That being said, I'm still at heart a Phantom-Wicked-Miserables uber fan girl.
    No plans on trying out for Rent? There are some great songs in there!

  3. I am SOOOO excited for your next audition, whatever it is!! SUCH a great goal to work towards friend!!!!


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