Monday, April 19, 2010

My Job

Someone recently asked me a new question on Formspring! YAY.

The question was,
What is your full time job?

Funny, i realized then that i never really mention it! At least I haven't in a long time.

I work for a non-profit organization called Capital Area Agency on Aging.

I am a Provider Relations Specialist.

Fancy title, huh?

Well, I started here in July of 2008 as an Administrative Coordinator. But really, it was a receptionist. I answered all incoming calls & I had a lot of secreterial work as well. It sounds easy, & it was until about April of 2009. Then it got really stressful. As in, the #1 most stressful job i've ever had. As in, going home several times a week in tears with a migraine. Not good. I talked to my [wonderful] boss & she wanted to keep me & she wanted to help me out, but there was no other position she could move me to & not much we could do to fix what was making my job so stressful. The reason it got bad in April of 2009 is because we started a new program for the elderly. With that came a new database which didn't work properly & 8 new coworkers who didn't want to do their job. More to it than that, but probably shouldn't go into it on here! I guess with any new program, it's gonna have a lot of kinks to get out, but wow - i can't even get into it, but just trust me... it was extremely stressful. I kept sending my resume out EVERYWHERE but no one was calling - & my resume is a good one! ;)

I realize now that it was all a part of God's plan. That He was working it out because He knew that they would be creating a new position very soon - one that i would enjoy!

At the very beginning of this year, my boss told me to think about if i would like to work with our providers. We help the elderly & disabled get long term care in their homes if they can't afford it. (That is just one of our programs. We have many others.) At first i was hesitant, but then i figured, why not!? This may be exactly what i need!

And it was. I've been the Provider Relations Specialist since mid-January & i LOVE it. Sure, it has it's stressful moments, but it is nothing compared to what i was going through before. I could not be more thankful!!

But basically - i work with the provider companies that provide the long term care for our clients. If a client is not satisfied with her services, i help them thru the process of changing provider companies. Also, there are sometimes technical problems with the system that gets the funds to the provider companies...so they call me if there is a problem & i figure it out & fix it. Sometimes a client's health declines & they request more hours of care - i work those cases also. Besides that a ton of secreterial stuff to keep me busy. But i am mainly happy about one thing - i no longer have to answer those phones! Unless they're for me specifically - & those i can handle. ;)

Sound boring? It can be! I'd love to stay home w/ my kids (& hope i can do that when i have them!) & I'd love to work in the theatre full-time! But for now, this is where God has me & i do like it. I am so thankful for it!

I don't have a lot of work pics, but i'll share a few...

The CAAA staff - October 2009

Me & Tracy (my boss) at the Staff Christmas Party 2008

It is a great company to work for & i am truly thankful!

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  1. I asked this one! thanks for answering!

  2. You are SO GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Your job sounds really neat, you actually get to help people in need :)

    I am currently dealing with terrible work stress :S (and that's that I only work 4 hours a day) I wish women would act like women not teens ...

  3. Wow!!! That's something really great! You've inspired me to do something good for the society.. I wanted to do something already, this post just made my resolve stronger!!!

  4. Oh, how nice!!! We actually do promotion for our local Agency.


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