Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Saturday...

Today was a wonderful day. This morning I got up & met my friend Jenn at the Farmer's Market downtown. You can see more pics & read more about my little Farmer's Market Field Trip here. Basically, i've been meaning to go & i finally did. =) It was fun! I enjoyed it & will definitely be making more trips out there!

me & jenn at the Red Stick Farmer's Market =)

After that, i ran to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a wedding gift for my friend's wedding tonight & a shower gift for a friend's shower that's in a couple of weeks. I loved what i got! Also, i had an old gift card from there in my wallet - from OUR wedding. I thought those things expired after a year, but they don't - woohoo! Well, not THAT much was left on it - just $11, but hey! Better than nothing! I ran to Old Navy after that because I need some black shirts to wear at my new part-time job at the Manship... I only have one black shirt, other than t-shirts (can't wear those to work). & I am SO glad i went in Old Navy, rather than buying them at Lane Bryant. LB can be WAY too expensive! They have awesome coupons at times, though. I was going to get me 2 shirts from LB b/c i got a coupon for $20 off $40, & so i thought i'd get 2 $20 shirts for $20 - um, no, all the shirts were 34.50 or 39.50. That's dumb! I went in Old Navy & got 1 for $10 & 1 for $12. MUCH BETTER! =)

Hubby & I went for a walk when i got home. YAY. Then we just relaxed until time to get ready for my friend's wedding. Her wedding was beautiful. Liz is a good friend of mine that i met in my first show at BRLT, Beauty & the Beast. (She played Babette!) Anyway, I am so glad i got to go to her wedding. It was nice. And i got to spend a little time with some other theatre friends (who i also met during B&B!). We had a good time.

My friends Chris & Mary - they are getting married in December! =) 

My friends Randy & Ronald! Love them!

Me & hubby. =)

One of me & Mary. =)

And one of me & the beautiful bride, sweet Liz. I love her!

After the wedding, hubby & i had planned to go to Barnes & Noble. But gosh - we were SO uncomfortable! HA! Brad hates wearing ties & i hate wearing heels & all that other stuff we women wear to make ourselves feel our best... ugh... I was awfully uncomfortable. We went home & got in comfy clothes & went back to Barnes & Noble. We had a good time together. I love my husband!!

Tomorrow we're going to my parent's for lunch after church. YAY. =)

Hope your weekend was happy too!


  1. Was there a memo attached with the wedding invite telling everyone to wear blue!?

  2. looks like you had a super fun weekend!!!

  3. so glad you had a great weekend! and one of my very favorite things is finding gift cards. even with barely anything left on them. ;)

  4. Yay for a great weekend!! P.S. I can't stand how $$$$ LB is sometimes. Yes their coupons are good but it seems like you always have to spend more money to save money, how does that work?!? ;)


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