Thursday, April 1, 2010

a new one: thursday 5!

I am so excited, today is my Friday - since I'm off tomorrow - YIPEE! But i'm getting way ahead of myself. Today is a new blog carnival that i am kind of excited about! Keely at MannLand5 is starting a little somethin something called "Thursday 5" & i'm excited to join in the fun!

Thursday 5 is something to share the good things that happened that week. In Keely's words, things that happened that made you feel:

...or all of the above...

I've had a really great week! So i'm happy to share my 5 things (in no particular order)!

1. I should probably save the best for last, but i just can't. We are going to FLORIDA in September! The vacation is BOOKED! 
My parents asked if we were interested, i talked to Brad, he agreed, we got off work, the vacation is booked, i CANNOT WAIT! My sister is going too, YIPEE!

2. I cooked the best potato soup ever. & yes, i know that's not the healthiest; it's all about portion size, people! ;) I also made some deliciously baked chicken tenders & roasted potatoes & veggies last night. YUM! I LOVE TO COOK!

3. It was a good week on American Idol. FINALLY. Lee DeWyze was AMAZING.
Sorry, i know this isn't as big of a deal to some, but really... the show is not in its best season. Lee has had some confidence issues, i think & pitch issues, but this week he really let loose & was AMAZING. Casey, Crystal & Mike were also FANTASTIC! & the judges decided to NOT get on my nerves as much as usual.

4. My sister was in a head-on collision the other day & i know this doesn't sound like good news, but she is ALIVE & UNHURT & i am very appreciative of this because i LOVE my sister. Praise the Lord. Love you, 'Chelle!

(me & my sister. p.s. i'm wearing that pink shirt today. it makes me happy!)

5. I am OFF of work tomorrow for Good Friday, so this is really my Friday! Plus they let us dress casual for work today! YAY!

Great week! How was yours?! Tell me about it in your on "Thursday 5" & link up in Keely's blog hop!


  1. I am with you! I smile knowing Lee had a good week! I think he is too cute! Happy Easter

  2. I am glad your sister is alive and unhurt!

  3. Dido to the Lee one!!! He's my favorite! So glad your sister is ok! What a blessing!!!

  4. Good Friday is wonderful! I love being off work!

  5. Florida, eh!? I live here! Where are you going, if I'm familiar with the area I'll let you know the hot spots :]


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