Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh, dear.

I am addicted to the Seasons of Grace series by Beverly Lewis. I explained in a post not too long ago that one day i was in the bookstore before seeing a movie w/ Brad & I was being rushed to pick out a book pronto (or not get a book. but i really wanted a book.)

So in the hurry i was in & having no idea what author i wanted to read, i just grabbed a book by Beverly Lewis. I had heard she was really good. I was flipping through it as we were walking to the cash register & I thought "oh gosh. i really hope i like this. it's going to suck if i don't like it!" I really wanted to read something the next day, a lazy Saturday. Well, i went ahead & got it hoping i'd like it. I wasn't sure if i would because i usually do NOT like historical fiction. For whatever reason. Many times they are written more boring than other fiction. I'm not sure why, but hubby said he thinks it may be because they are writing in a "simple" style to give off that impression of simple life? Something like that. But usually they are boring to me. The exception being Francine Rivers.

Seasons of Grace, Book 1
The Secret

I got home that day & realized 2 things. 1, it's not really historical fiction. it's about the Amish so it SEEMS historical at times! HAHA. And 2, I had gotten #2 of the series, in my hurry. Oops.

So the next day i was passing a Barnes & Noble & i ran in & got #1. By this point, i was spending money on TWO books. (Yes, i know there is a such thing as a library. Or borrowing books. The problem is, i have this thing for a bookshelf full of books. I just love the look of it. This means i should buy the book so they can stay on my bookshelves. & yes, i do at times re-read them!) ANYWAY - i was hoping i'd like them because i didn't want to spend money on books i wasn't going to like (something that never happens to me because i don't usually buy books i'm not sure about!).

ANYWAY, i read book #1. And i liked it. At first, i did think it was a little boring. But as it went on, i got soooo into the STORY that it didn't matter. By the middle of the book, i was totally sucked in! By the end i was hurredly grabbing book 2. SOOOO GOOD! Oh my gosh! I read it everywhere - the toilet, the tub, the couch, the bed, & at work during my lunch break. I did not, however, read it while working out or while driving. But you get the point - I am in love with this series. =)

Seasons of Grace, Book 2
The Missing

This morning, i was almost done with the second book. SO GOOD. I told Brad i didn't know if there were more in the series. I looked inside the front cover & it showed two more books under the two i had read. So i was like, "YES!!! I cannot wait to find out what happens with Grace & Heather & Lettie...."

Today I finished the book on my lunch break. Now, Ms. Lewis does like to end her books on a bit of a cliffhanger. Not one where they are in the middle of some tragic situation & someone may die & i will never know if i don't get the next book! HAHA. But just - not everything is resolved. And you've grown to love the characters so much that you are a little worried about them (yes, i know. they are not real people).

So I emailed my hubby about it & was saying "oh my gosh i cannot wait to get the next one" & he wrote back & said after work to meet him at Barnes & Noble because he needs to look for a book anyway. He said he would buy me #3 & #4 in the series!!! What a sweet hubby! I was so excited!

AND THEN. I went to her website. And i was looking at the books. & i saw something.

Only 2 books are in this series right now. Number 3 is due out April 10th. Tomorrow. Does that mean it will be in my Barnes & Noble tomorrow? I don't know. But i do know that i am really worried about what is going to happen to Lettie!!! HAHA!

So i told hubby & we are still going to Barnes & Noble. He said i can get a different book. And lucky me, Beverly Lewis has some other series (series'? serieses? i'm thinking series' would be correct but it sure sounds wierd! HA!) too.

And i've also heard from my BBFF Laura that i should try Deanna Gist! SO i may get one by her instead!!!


I love to read, can ya tell!?

But i'm still sad i can't get The Telling!

Seasons of Grace, Book 3
The Telling

P.S. Actually, i just saw that The Telling is out already in hardback. The soft cover is what comes out tomorrow. But i don't like reading hardback books! HAHA.


Edit: We went & guess what - The Telling was there in soft cover! YES!!!!

I also got Deanna Gist's A Bride Most Begrudging. I read thru a couple paragraphs & i think i'm going to like it! Thanks, Laura! (I know you are saying "about time!") ;)

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  1. I'm going to have to get one of her books from the church library on Sunday.


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