Thursday, April 15, 2010

Questions Questions - YAY!

Yesterday, due to extreme boredom, i posted on facebook my formspring link & told all my FB friends to ask me something. Well, ask they did. Of course, wouldn't you know it, when i got questions, i got busy at work. So here i am answering them the next day. But still - thanks for the questions!! =)

Here they are:

1.) What is your favorite memory?
From childhood, all my favorite memories are of family vacations. We didn't take them every year but I am lucky that we did go on them several times & those are some great memories! I also remember the summers from about age 9 to 12 - I would explore the woods behind my house with some neighborhood friends - what fun we had exploring!

The more recent memories i can share - of course are with my sweet husband! I have so many wonderful memories of us just talking together laughing until we can't stop. These are times when we are supposed to be going to SLEEP but we just start talking about stuff & get to being silly & giggling. I love it. I told someone once that married life is like a never ending slumber party with your best friend. I still believe that. =)

Honeymoon - 11/2008

More specifically, my favorite memories have to be some days i have already shared in this blog - When Brad said "I do" too quickly in our wedding vows (cutting the pastor off!), when we spent the whole day relaxing on Passion Island in Cozumel (during our honeymoon cruise), when we took a walk & exchanged wedding gifts to each other the morning after our wedding at our bed & breakfast. Aw, such sweet memories. =)

2.) What is the one place in the world that you wish you could go to but haven't gone yet?

Ooh, fun question! I really love to travel. It's just hard saving for it, especially when there are other things you need to spend/save your money for. But if i had the money right now, i would book a trip to...


Oh yes. How beautiful! I used to consider it a tourist trap for some reason - but i have changed my thoughts after talking to someone about their vacation there. Oh, i want to go!!!

I also would love to visit...

Or Ireland, or England, anywhere over there really. =)

I really could go on & on with this post. Because i want to see the world. I would love to see China & India & Africa & Nova Scotia & Greece & so many other places ...haha. I could go on & on. I also would love to see all of the U.S. I am constantly thinking that i'd love to visit Charlotte, North Carolina or Savannah, Georgia. I'm not sure why, really. They just sound like places right up my alley. Kinda strange i haven't gone yet as i have cousins over in North Carolina. One day!

The next two questions are kind of random! HA! But i'll put them anyway.

3.) Should i watch this movie "I love you man"? It's on & i have nothing to do...
Hmmmm... i have a guess of who wrote this!!! But anyway - i have no clue because i've never seen it. =P

4.) What is your view on birth control?
Um, wow. Yeah. Um, i am in full support of birth control! HA! This is a wierd question for me because i don't have a strong viewpoint either way. People use a variety of methods of birth control. Other people don't use any at all & just have as many children as the Lord blesses them with. I definitely use it as it is what is right for us. =) I am not really one to judge how you do it. It's kind of between you & your husband & God. I don't believe there is a RULE one way or the other. I believe it is up to the couple. (Unless of course you are unmarried - then i do have strong opinions. But i don't really wanna go there in my blog. Although if you're curious, leave a comment & i'll email you an answer!) =)

Thanks for the questions!! If you have one for me, either ask it here or just type it in the little question box in my sidebar. Don't forget to add your name if you want me to say who asked it! Otherwise, it will be anonymous.

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