Friday, April 9, 2010

A recipe & the weekend.

So i just made a really REALLY delicious meal. So full of veggies & it was just DIVINE. My husband didn't even know it was healthy - he had three helpings! If you wanna try it out, you can check out my recipe here. I have a weightloss blog & one of my April goals there is to try 3 new healthy recipes. I love to cook but haven't tried too much to cook light. But this one is pretty good for you, which is why i decided to blog it over there. =)

This weekend...

Tomorrow i have to work a show at the theatre. It's a rental (when a company rents the building), so i get paid for it. Yay for extra money! I will just be running lights & sound for a dance show - the Cangelosi Dance Project. (She was actually my jazz dance teacher when i was a kid & she was my choreographer for Best Little Whorehouse in Texas). Anyway, Saturday won't be too bad but Sunday is kinda long!

Tomorrow i will get up, eat breakfast, go for a walk with my hubby & then hang out until time to get ready for theatre. I have to be there from 11 to 1:30. I'm slightly nervous because it's on the mainstage & they did something to where i can now run sound from the light booth - which #1, i've never run sound on the main stage before & #2, even if i had, it's normally run from the sound booth not the light booth. So i will have to run lights & sound from the light booth. It will probably be not much different at all but still, i get a little nervous when i'm not 100% sure! At least tomorrow is just their rehearsal! I am free after that on Saturday. =)

I have Dreamgirls and The Princess & the Frog in on Netflix. I can't wait to see them. I'm hoping hubby will watch one of them w/ me! I can't believe i still haven't seen Dreamgirls! Considering how i love stuff like that & i love Jennifer Hudson!

Sunday i will be there from 12-6. AHHHH!! 12-3 is rehearsal again i think & 4-6 is their show. Something like that! I love watching those dancers dance. I would bring my camera but 1, they'd wonder why the sound girl is taking pics when she doesn't even know them & doesn't have a professional looking camera & 2, pics from the light booth always come out blurry. It's just toooo far away!

ANYWAY that's my weekend! Not very exciting?! But it'll be fine.

Have a good one!


  1. I've never watched Dreamgirls yet. I don't think I ever will. We've rented it AT LEAST twice and for some reason just never got around to watching it.

    Let me know how the Princess and the Frog is!!


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