Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Five!

So, there's a new meme in blogland. It's only the 3rd week, i think. It's Thursday 5 with Mannland5! I love it! This is a time to look back over the week & share 5 things that happened to make you feel:

or all of the above. :)

I really like it. A time to remember all the GOOD things that happened that week. So here are my five.

1. The IT guy at work fixing a problem at work that i've had FOREVER. WHEW! Finally.
(Now i have a huge project ahead of me. But at least the issue is resolved!)

2. Meeting a TON of new really cool really kind people at my new little part-time job. I got a (VERY) part-time job at a theatre here & went to training last night. It was fun! i was VERY tired, but i enjoyed it & met a lot of great people. This is especially cool because i can be very shy on first days at places with tons of new people. But they were all really easy to get to know. =)

3. Getting to spend time with my dear friend Shannon! We hung out for my first few years of theatre & then I didn't hear from her in forever. Funny that we were both single as could be then (not that long ago) & now are both married! Anyway, she trained me for my job last night & i LOVED getting to catch up with her!

4. Being invited to dinner at the in-laws (tonight)! Oh & this is sort of seperate but i'm running into my limit of 5 - also cooking a very delicious dinner! It was a hit!

5. Finish the series "Seasons of Grace" by Beverly Lewis - SOOO GOOD! & started "A Bride Most Begrudging" by Deanna Gist which i am also enjoying!

So that's my 5! Your turn! =) (Don't forget to go to MannLand5 to link up!


  1. Love the Deanne Gist book, read most of hers! Enjoy!

  2. Yay! Thanks for playing!

    Your dinner sounds super yum, by the way..I'm down for anything with feta~



  3. Nice list and man am I trying out your recipe. Glad to see you on this week's Thursday 5 run.

  4. Hi came by to read your Thursday 5 maybe you'll come see me. I am #2 on Mr. Linky at MannLand 5 or http://traci66.blogspot.com
    I also became a follower of your blog.


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