Friday, April 9, 2010

You know i love these things.

Yep! It's Friday! Which means 5QF!! Yipee! If you want to play along, you know what to do by now. Right? I hope so. ;)

1. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?
Reese Witherspoon. I have been told for years now that i look like her (which is flattering but seriously? I'm about 3 1/2 of her!!), plus she was born in Louisiana, so she's a southern girl like me! (& yes, i know Pioneer Woman got her first. But in my movie, she'd have to be a blonde, so it's okay if we both use her, right?!)  

2. Did you ever go to summer camp?
I always did the week long camps with my church. I even did a 2-week one once! But i never did the summer long ones. Those always seemed like a lot of fun, though!

I seriously LOVED going to church camp. I went for years, even into my teens & early twenties as a counselor. The children's pastor had a ranch & i did that with the kids at our church a couple of times. But later, the youth group went to Kings Arrow Ranch in Lake Hillsdale, MS. It was fun! (It's been years now. But man, that just took me back down memory lane!)

3. What sends you running & screaming in the other direction?
Homework! Studying! Boring Lectures! EXAMS! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

And no, i didn't finish school. I know some people are going to frown when they read this! I just hated it more than the average person, i think. HA! I was actually seriously considering going back to school to teach not too long ago, & had i not gotten the promotion i got, i probably would have. As soon as i got a job i love, that whole going-back-to-school idea went completely out the window. So thankful to have a job i am happy with & NOT have to go back to school to get it! Can't wait for my #1 job - being a mom! ;)

4. What is something you do that drives your spouse nuts?
Why!!?! NOTHING! Duh. Ok...hmm, let me think...

I would say the #1 thing is how i sometimes think he is being a bit ridiculous with the dog. But that is sometimes what annoys me most about him, too. Heehee. Or maybe how i get the covers all crazily tangled at night (i'm not sure if that annoys him, he usually just laughs & teases me about it!).

Everything else (that i can think of) that has annoyed him, i have worked to change - like not loading the washing machine correctly (seriously?! I've been washing clothes for YEARS now & i have NEVER been told that!) or the way i handle my finances (he definitely has the wisdom in that area & i am all the better off for obeying his wishes!) or scooting my car over a bit when i park in the driveway!

5. What is currently your favorite song?
This is way too hard of a question for me to answer, because half the time i'm listening to older songs... not oldies songs...just 3 cd's ago old. Right now Kelly Clarkson's first cd is in my cd player & before that it was Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits. But i can't really say that any of those are my FAVORITE songs right now! Hmmm...idk...i'll have to think on that one!

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  1. So what IS the proper way to load the washer?

  2. I was wondering the same thing Laura asked. Now I'm thinking I may be loading it wrong!! :)

    I'm the same way with music . . . I listen to older stuff all the time and it drives my kids bonkers!


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