Wednesday, May 12, 2010

audition extravaganza & mother's day

What a crazy week! Fun but insane! Haha. I am Stage Manager for Sound of Music, which opens in July. They decided to do what i call "audition extravaganza" - auditions for three shows at one time. We had TONS of auditionees...i think we saw 268 people...& i'm not even sure if that counts the 100 kids...it was crazy! Everyone had to do a vocal audition...& a dance audition...& then two nights of callbacks. I am so thankful for my friend Susan, who will SM Rent & part of Sound of Music. She is the most amazing SM - she is incredibly organized & for everyone who thanked us for the smooth process, i had give the credit to Susan! 

So yeah - the last several days went something like this... 

Thursday - 
5:30 arrive at theatre, set up
6:00 begin vocal auditions - a person every 5 minutes
10:30 end vocal auditions
11:00 leave theatre

Friday - OFF

Saturday -
1:30 arrive at theatre, set up 
2:00 begin children's auditions - they were taught a song & dance in groups of 8-10 & then had to sing alone & then dance with their group. 
5:00 saw last group of kids. 
6:00 discuss with directors
6:30 leave theatre in a rush to meet family for dinner...brought stack of kid's forms with me & called parents in the car (to invite their child to callbacks!). 

Sunday - 
12:30 - arrive at theatre, set up
1:00 - begin more vocal auditions, a person every five minutes again!
7:00 - end of 2nd round of vocal auditions, begin dance auditions for Sound of Music & Pirates of Penzance
9:00 - begin dance auditions for Rent
11something - go home

Monday - 
5:30 - arrive at theatre, set up
6:00 - begin last round of vocal auditions
7:00 - vocals continued on 2nd stage, but i went to mainstage for Sound of Music callbacks
11something - SOM callbacks over! In the green room with directors to cast the show! 
12:40 - leave theatre! OMG! 

Tuesday - 
6:30 - arrive at theatre dead tired, set up again! 
7:00 - Begin Rent callbacks in one room, Begin Pirates of Penzance callbacks in the main theatre! (I helped with Pirates).
10:30 - finished with Pirates callbacks. Asked to leave!! SO TIRED! Rent callbacks still going strong when i left!

CRAZY!!! I am SO glad to be home for some rest & relaxation & for some time wth my sweet husband. He has made sure the dog left me alone in the mornings & has been as quiet as possible so i could sleep soundly until i had to get up for work. :) I love him! He is wonderful to me! 

The cast lists have been posted & i am SUPER excited! Lots of new faces & familiar ones as well. i am thrilled with the Sound of Music cast & can't wait to begin! 

In all the craziness, i only took two pictures! And i had my camera the whole time! 

 Good friends Natalie & Susan! Natalie is choreographer for RENT. 
Susan is the best Stage Manager EVER.

They broke out the chips & salsa!! Susan, 
Jack & Chris (Sound of Music director & music director).

It was tons of fun, but wow. It was a marathon! I am so exhausted & can't wait to get to bed early tonight! We had SO MANY come out & audition & tons of new faces. I LOVE THAT! :) Congrats to all who were cast!!

 In all of that madness, i was able to have some time with my sweet mom & mother-in-law! My mom wanted to go to dinner for Mother's Day, but requested that we go the night before on Saturday night. We went to The Grill Room because mom wanted to hear the live jazz band. :) It was fun! Mom, Dad, my sister Michelle & her boyfriend Mike (who i was meeting for the first time! We really liked him!!) plus me & brad. We had a GREAT time. Then on Sunday morning i had brad's parents over for breakfast. I made my Meditterranean Frittata & they loved it! It was great visiting with them! Here are some pics from dinner with the fam on Saturday! 

 My sister & our mom

 Michelle & her boyfriend Mike

 Me & my daddy

Me & Brad! :) I think he was laughing at something!


  1. Wow that was a crazy schedule! Hope everything turns out wonderfully. Love the picture of Brad. You look so cute together!

  2. You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! seriously every picture you are just so photogenic!!!

    HOLY MOLY!!! That is alot of theatre work for one weekend!!! I pretty much feel as if I live at my job the last few weeks of school we have crazy long schedules and wayyy to much stuff to do in not enough time!!!!

    I love how your hubby was so supportive and super sweet throughout the whole process :)

  3. Stay busy much? Goodness child! Take breath once in a while! Don't wear yourself out!

    And yes, Brad is awesome for treating you like a queen!

  4. Glad to hear all that craziness is over! Rest and relaxation are understatements after that crazy schedule! And you worked during the day on top of that?! Yikes!

    The pictures are fabulous!

  5. You are so sweet!!!

    I added your button as well!!! (bottom right side)


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