Sunday, May 2, 2010

Getting to know YOU

It's Sunday & time for Keely's Getting to know YOU meme! I love these things, as you know. :) If you wish to play along, just answer the below questions in your own blog & then head on over to Keely's at MannLand5 & add your link to the blog hop! 

 1. Are you superstitious? 
Not at all. Though i do sometimes knock on wood, just to do it. Not because i actually take it seriously!

2. If you were an animal, what kind would you be? 
Well, of course a dog, because they just really have the life...all they do is eat & sleep & play! No responsibilities! Sounds good to me! Haha!

3. You would never catch me wearing....? 
a fanny pack. NEVER! 
I'm sure there are a zillion other things but that was the first to come to mind!
Ooh, or a mullet! Ew! HAHA.

4. If someone posts a vlog, do you watch it? 
No. Sorry! 
So far i haven't, anyway, but it's becoming more & more popular & if one of my really good blog friends does one, then i definitely would. And i may actually do one myself. So if i do one then i guess i'll start watching them more. Thing is, though, i still wouldn't be able to watch them at work. So i'd have to remember who posted a vlog to watch it at home later. I don't mind vlogs, but i hope they don't take over!! HAHA. 

5. Have you ever waxed your girly/manly parts...or any other part of your body? 
I get my eyebrows waxed. But no girly parts, thankyouverymuch! (EEEK!!)

6. Are you a spender or a saver? 
Well, i used to be the spender. But i'm becoming the saver. But i do have my spendy moments. But i like saving more! It's such a wonderful feeling to pay off a debt or to finally have enough money to buy that camera/vacation/house that you've always wanted! :)

7. If you were starring in a film, who would you want to play your leading man? 
Um, Ryan Reynolds or Matthew Perry? 

8. Smoker...never smoked...social smoker...or smoked back in the day? 
Never smoked. 

Your turn! :)


  1. first off, love your header picture. I don't like fanny packs either but when we went to the amusement park I wore one because it was easier then a purse.

  2. Oh my gosh mullets! A guy came into my work the other day with the WORST mullet I have ever seen in my life, they are so scary!

  3. hahahahaaaa! Fanny packs haha. Oh man.

  4. HAHA! yea, fanny packs and mullets...how were they EVER cool!?

    love your answers as always - you crack me up!


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