Saturday, May 1, 2010

I heart Saturdays

Today was wonderful! 

It started with Walk for Madd. Hubby & I decided to take part in this walk to support a fantastic organization. My friend Ashley's sister was killed by a drunk driver 3 years ago & they love MADD. It was a great time & i was so excited to see Ashley again & her husband Dan. We went to high school together & i hadn't seen them since (though we are facebook friends & Ashley is now a blog friend as well! LOL.). You can go to my other blog to read more about it & see more pics!

Me & Ashley in our "Amber's Army" shirts!
Beautiful LSU even with rainclouds - we were so glad the rain held off!

We came home & relaxed for awhile & then went to our dear friend's wedding shower! It was a co-ed shower, so Brad came too. :) I am so excited about this couple getting married, you don't even know! I met Megan & Trey at HeartsEase (the church i used to go to & where we were married) 4 years ago. They weren't dating at the time & i didn't even know they had a history. :) WAYYY later i found out they were dating & i was shocked! I was totally clueless that there was even a crush there! They got engaged & now are getting married in July. They are a BEAUTIFUL couple as you can see from the pictures! They are both awesome christians & they are kind-hearted people & they are also HILARIOUS. I'm so excited for them because i know that they are one of those matches made in heaven. ;) 

We also got to visit with some good friends there that we haven't talked to in awhile (other than on facebook! haha!). It really made us miss them a lot. Everyone at that church is so sweet & genuine. I was a little nervous about going just because i hadn't been to church there since January or so. But i had nothing to worry about. Everyone was so happy to see us & made us feel like we still were a part of their family. And now I'm a little sad that we don't still go there. But anyway this blog is supposed to be about our Saturday & the shower, not how much we miss our friends at HeartsEase! So here are some pics from the shower! 

 How cool is this cake?! 

 Trey & Megan!

 my good friend Krissy & her daughter Devon

 My friend Lizzy (on the right) with a friend of hers.

 Me & hubby!! :) 

 Me & Megan, the bride-to-be!

 Here is one of their engagement pics - i love it! 
(Same picture that's on the cake haha)

Hope you had a great Saturday, too! 

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