Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love these girls.

Tonight Brad & I had his little cousins over. Kiersten is 6 & Rylee is 4. We have actually been wanting to take them to the zoo for the longest time but just hadn't gotten around to it. Well, Kiersten wants to audition for Sound of Music coming up, which i am stage managing. Her mom & i thought it'd be good for her to come over & watch it with me & i could tell her a little about the audition process, since she's never done it before! I did tell her what to expect & she is very excited, though she understands that there is only 1 role for someone her age. I'd love for her to be a part of it, but if she doesn't make it, it's totally okay! Just a great experience!!

The movie was so long, so we did fast forward through a couple of things, but she watched the majority of it! She seemed to enjoy it. Sweet little Rylee fell asleep. ;) I also fed them my roasted potatoes & parmesan chicken tenders! The girls were SO well-behaved! After the movie they got a little silly & LOVED Brad lifting them high in the air! HAHA. I took a few pics because i just couldn't resist. Aren't they the CUTEST!?

They so make me wanna have some GIRLS of my own! =)

 So cute! 

 They are also very silly! :)

We had a great time! Love these girls! :)


  1. I noticed the baby gate, and was thinking, they're a little old...then I remembered you have a dog. Ha! They are so cute!

  2. they are so cute!!! I loveeeeeeeee the Sound of Music!!! That is my all time fav!! I want to come see it when it starts!! Addi loved that movie too, but not quite as much as Annie!!! LOL
    well, if that makes you want some girls, you know what to do!!!! LOL

  3. Aw they are both precious!!!

  4. They are so cute! Glad you had fun.

  5. HAHA, Jennie - yeah, we put that up sometimes for the dog! Rylee was a little scared of him so we put it up!

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  7. oh my, they are so cute! so glad you had a great time!


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