Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Dance!!

You know i love dance. I could watch people dance all day. It is amazing. 

Tonight i was on the schedule for my (very) part-time job at the Manship theatre. I knew it was a dance company. I didn't realize WHICH dance company. Then later this week a girl who was in CATS (which i Asst Stage Managed at BRLT in 2007) facebooked me an invite to "Just Dance with Debbie Allen" - i realized then that it was the same show i would be working tonight! 

If you don't know Debbie Allen... she was in FAME (the new one, which is currently in the netflix envelope on top of our entertainment center), she's an extraordinary dance teacher & she is Phylicia Rashad's sister (you know... Claire Huxtable...). It is crazy to me how much they look alike!! ANYWAY - i am a debbie allen fan. So i was excited. 

I expected to meet her after the show, but i never saw her after. I did pass her a time or two & say hi & she said hi too but she was extremely busy & probably a little stressed. Then before the show, she gathered all 60 of her dancers on stage plus crew (including me) & she gave a little inspirational speech (the girl next to me whispered to me, 'she should be a preacher!' & i agreed!) & led a prayer & then the show began.

I couldn't stand in the wings, but a couple of times i did manage to escape & sneak into the theatre. i HAD to watch. I LOVE dance. The show was AMAZING. Phenominal! TONS of kids of all ages (probably ages 6 - 21) dancing in perfect rhythm. TONS of people on stage at the same time, all moving at exactly the same time. It was beautiful. Some hip hop. Some pointe. Some tap! A very cool beautiful dance called "africa". I absolutely loved it. I'm trying to get some friends together to see it tomorrow or Sunday because i just have to see the whole thing!! 

P.S. A girl hurt her hand during the show... i'm not sure if you know this about me... but i can handle, blood, guts, vomit, poo, anything. But i can.not.handle the thought or mention of broken bones! She didn't break it but it turned blue & was swollen... & i was NAUSEOUS! (Usually if someone starts talking about breaking a bone, i have to urge them to stop talking. They don't think i'm that serious & so they keep telling their broken bone story...meanwhile i'm seriously trying to ignore what they are saying! Some of you have mentioned a broken bone in your blog & i've had to stop reading. It's awful!) Anyway, i texted brad & told him when we have kids he is going to have to deal with any broken/sprained/smashed bones! He said okay! YAY. (He did already know this about me!)

Other than that - & other than a few annoying stage moms - it was a great night!! (& i did pay the parking attendant! HA!) (see last post if you have no clue what i mean!) 

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a fun night!! And you got paid for it! I would love to see that show, it sounds awesome!

  2. If I lived nearby I SO would be begging for you to let me go with you!!!!!!

    I LOVE dance, and the arts :)

    ...moms these days...I know how terrible they can be at times...at least we know we won't be like that when it comes time for us!!!

  3. Wow sounds like fun!!! She does look like her sister! I would've loved to see that show! I love watching dance!


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