Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Need a little girl talk in your life?!

So there's a new blog in town! And i am super excited about it!

It's called Girl Talk. 

Okay, so have you ever really kind of wanted to blog about something that was, er, just a bit too personal? Or maybe you wouldn't mind sharing it with some girlfriends, but you would have to be guaranteed that no guys would come across it?! I mean, you COULD blog about it, but then what if your favorite guy cousin finally decides to check out your blog - on the day you chose to post about something that he would have just been better off not knowing?! You know the things i mean without me calling them by name, right?! (Or if not, erm, okay, boobs, pregnancy, *cough*thattimeofmonth*cough*?!) So what's a girl to do?!

And, to clarify, it won't be JUST those things. A lot of silliness but maybe some seriousness as well...a place where you can be free to be yourself & to be able to talk about whatever you need to talk about - whether you need a little understanding or some honest advice! It's intended to be a safe place for us GIRLS to relax & just be GIRLS! :)

My best bloggie friend Laura at Life Happens had this awesome idea for a GIRL ONLY blog & asked if anyone would read it if she started it. I answered YES, & i guess a lot of others did also because before i knew it she had started the blog & she had also asked her friend Linds at A Dollop of my Life to be a co-contributor! I'm super excited about this as well because i just recently met Linds in blogworld & she is hilarious!!

Now for obvious reasons, the blog is PRIVATE. SO if you would like to be a follower, just send an email to emailgirltalk@gmail.com. Be sure to mention that Melissa at Little Mrs. Married sent you! :)

I kind of actually think this is a God Thing. :) I'm SUPER excited about it!

It's gonna be fun, that's for sure! So go ahead & become a part of it! The only requirement is that you have to be female! 

Hope to see you there! 


  1. HOW FUN! Can't wait to see and read!

  2. I'm following this as well! Sooo excited to hear other women spill about the truths in all our lives :)

  3. Melissa, I totally "borrowe" your post, so others could join too. I am excited about this, too!

  4. I am excited about this! Should be fun!

  5. wow, what a cool idea! thanks for sharing! :)


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