Saturday, May 29, 2010

New furniture! Woohoo!

So you know you're getting old when you start getting super excited about new furniture. HA! But yes. I ordered a dresser for our bedroom & it FINALLY came in. It took forever. They had told me 2-3 weeks. I wouldn't have minded 8-10 if they would have just TOLD me that. I was starting to worry that I wasn't getting a dresser at all! HAHA. They offered me the one in the store, because it turned out this one was on backorder. I told them no because that one had scratches & dents & we weren't going to buy it at all if we were taking that one! So i told them it was fine, i would wait. Finally got a call on Monday saying it was in & would be delivered Saturday - today! & it just arrived! 

I love it! It was worth the wait. :) I am so excited! I took some pics but i am afraid they do not AT ALL do it justice. So you're just going to have to trust me here. But i am so thankful! I was starting to worry that it wouldn't look as good in my room as in the store. Don't ask me why - it was in a huge warehouse with tons of furniture there & now it is home in a bedroom - of course it will look better now! Anyway, i really love it. I LOVE the Potterybarn style & this dresser has that look - the knobs & the mirror especially. BUT it did not have the Potterybarn PRICE. :) 

This is how our room looks when you walk in: 

This is how it looked before:

And this is how it looks now (use your imagination... it looks so much better in person!):

Here is a better shot: 
(Yes, that is paint on the floor - long story that Brad loves to tease me about, but basically when we painted the room, i was not good at keeping the paint OFF the floor, we even had plastic covering all over the floor & i still managed to get paint UNDER the plastic! But i didn't care because at the time we were planning to get wood laminate flooring...but we never did that & so now i have ugly green carpet - with nasty paint spills! HAHA!)

ANYWAY - i love the new dresser! I have organized all my stuff in it & i have SO much more space! It's much better. Before my clothes were in the Hobby Lobby drawers (the white drawers in the "before" pic). Those drawers have been moved to Brad's music room & he will be able to use them to organize a lot of his stuff. Then we put the brown dresser (which has his clothes & such) to where the Hobby Lobby ones were & put the new dresser between the windows (i never did get curtains... or the kind of blinds i like...one day!) 

So the plan is for me to save the money & get the dresser that goes with the one i just got. It is tall with drawers all the way down & the same silver knobs as this one. Then the brown dresser will go in the future baby's room. It so looks like it's for a baby boy, though - not a baby girl. Right? Well, you know, we can cross that bridge when we get to it! That's the plan for now!

But i love this dresser! I was silently cheering & jumping up & down in the kitchen when they were setting it up in our room! HAHA! I just love it. Funny how we girls get excited about such things! See how deep the drawers are? 

Sorry about the flash - blehhh. 

SO YAY! I love it!



  1. Looks so nice, I love the dark wood. It really matches your decor in the bedroom. Enjoy.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! What a great find! It is so hard to find stuff that has that "look" without it costing a fortune!!!!

  3. Love the furniture!! Got something for you on my blog!

  4. That is definitely a nice dresser! Makes me want a new one. Ours were bought at a thrift store. :) Someday.


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