Tuesday, May 18, 2010


This is going to be a very random post... VERY. Just a warning. :) I have nothing specific to write about but really miss blogging! Ah-well...

I've only had 2 Sound of Music rehearsals but i am loving it! Though i'm already tired. Kind of ridiculous. I changed my hours at work in early May - from 7:30-4:00 to 8:30-5:00. You wouldn't think an hour makes such a difference but it TOTALLY does. I'm still waking up to pee at 6 & thinking "i get to sleep a whole 'nother hour!" And then when i get up at 7:10ish i'm totally happy, refreshed, ready for the day. Unfortunately, around 10, i realize i'm exhausted. Part of this may be due to the fact that i'm not eating enough for breakfast. But that's all i'll say about this since i'm not on my weightloss blog at the moment! :) ALTHOUGH - speaking of my weightloss, i'm at 19 pounds lost (as of today)...sooo close to 20 pounds...almost there!! :)

I recently got a (very) part-time job at a theatre (not the community one where i stage manage) & i have to wear all black. Since the only shirts i had in black were old t-shirts with logos on them, i went & bought two black shirts from Old Navy. Well, it turns out, i am in LOVE with these shirts. IN LOVE. I want to wear them ALL the time. I love them so much, that yesterday i returned to Old Navy to buy a few more in different colors! They didn't have one of the shirts. But the other one was on sale for $10. I bought 3 of them. I know it's just a plain tee, but it's perfect. SO comfy & i just am in LOVE! (For the record, the other shirt wasn't so plain...but they were out.) I got this plain one in purple, gray/navy/lime stripes & aqua (shown below). I think i could go back & buy a few more! (Ok, not really.)


When i signed up to SM Sound of Music, i forgot i'd be missing out on the last 4 weeks of American Idol (aka: the best weeks). Shoot! So i missed last week. & will miss this week. My prediction? That Casey will go home this week, leaving Lee & Crystal. & though i think Crystal should be the winner, I wouldn't be surprised if Lee won. I love them both but think Crystal deserves the win! They're both sweethearts. I am at some point going to get to my friend Robyn's & watch the shows i've missed (she has DVR), but i have no idea when that will be! Ahhh!

My sister's boyfriend is MIKE. Not MATT. I recently posted a pic of them & put "Michelle &  her boyfriend Matt". It's now a big joke in the family. I was not as good natured about it as i am being now! I was so embarrassed! Of course i know his name is MIKE! And i'm typically very good with names! I was braindead from those crazy auditions (that's what i'm blaming it on anyway!). Sorry, Matt er, i mean, MIKE! :)

Well, that's all i got for now!


  1. CUTE shirt! I might have to go check those out...

  2. AND CONGRATS ON THE LOSS! Can't wait to read about it on the "other" blog :)

  3. Congrats on almost 20 lbs!!!!!!! You are doing such a great job!!

    That ON shirt is cute. I'll have to check it out.

    It sounds like the musical is going great. Too bad you're missing AI...... I'm on the Lee-train, myself. He's been my favorite since before Top 12.

  4. OMG I Love those Old navy Shirts!! I wear a lot of their tshirts...so comfortable. Have fun At your new stage job! Tell Matt i mean mike I know how he feels...Sean's dad's family called me Jean-a for the first year we were married..not Jen-na.

  5. I have never had good luck with Old Navy's t-shirts...they stretch out really fast for some reason. I wonder if that's only certain ones though. I have bought a couple new t-shirts from Lane Bryant (I am wearing a black on at the Oregon Garden pictures) and guess what? I am in the smallest size there now, at least on the tops! Makes me so happy! I had a merch credit that I needed to use so it was fun to get some new clothes. I need them desperately but don't want to buy too much since I am hoping to keep shrinking but a girl needs a new shirt every once in awhile.

    All that to say that I am happy you found a good deal on some shirts that you feel cute in. :)

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you clarified about Michelle's bf's name! I was wondering. : )


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