Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Time!

I had such a great weekend & there are so many more good ones are in my near future! I am so excited! 

It seems that summers aren't usually as fun for us adults. I mean "real" adults. College students who do not have to work full-time - i love you & i feel sorry for you during exam week - but i do not include you in this! You still get free-time!! You get all summer AND a month in December/January AND a whole week at Thanksgiving! These are foreign concepts to most of us. (Actually, i do feel sorry for you, because come time for your "grown-up job" you will be thrown into "grown-up world"...unless you become a teacher...and then you'll have oodles of paperwork that will take up all your free time... i'm just sayin!).

Even if you are a stay-at-home mom... sure, you get to be home during the summers... but most of your summer is you trying to make sure your KIDS have fun! Right?! (Though i hope you take time for yourself as well!)

Anyway, it's okay - because we had our fun free summers at one time. But man...they're just LONG GONE! So sad.

You know what i mean, right?! Summers of nothing but neighborhood friends & bike riding, woods exploring, popsicle eating, sleepover having....etc etc?!

All that to say - lately i've been adding FUN THINGS to my calendar - & i am loving it!

This past weekend i went to Lafayette. I'd never been, which is weird to me since it's only an hour away! i went to my good friend's house to a jewelry party. She just moved there when she got married a few months ago. It was fun. It was all girls & we had a great time!!! I loved it!

I also started rehearsals for The Sound of Music! And it's a great cast & we had a great first rehearsal. I LOVE IT!

MAY 30th = CRAWFISH BOIL! At my sister's boyfriend's uncle's (got all that?!) about an hour & a half away! I've been dying for some crawfish & haven't had any yet. YES!!!

Then in June we are having a Father's Day/Birthday shindig! See, my family & my husband's family have been friends since FOREVER (when they met, my husband's sister wasn't born yet, i was an infant, my husband & my sister were 3) so sometimes we plan get-togethers. It has been FAR TOO LONG since the last one! Well, we did this last year & just today we're in the plan-making stages to do it again! Since Father's Day is June 20th & Brad's birthday is June 22 & Michelle's birthday is June 23 - we all get together to celebrate both dad's & both birthdays (who are turning 35 this year! EEK!). It is a great time & i am SO looking forward to it this year!

Then it's wedding time!!!! July 10th (Megan & Trey), July 17th (Amanda & Matt) & August 5th (Jennifer & Kirby)!!! SO FUN!

There is probably tons i'm missing! I'm just excited!

Well, that's really it for now! But i can't wait! :)


  1. Sounds like a great time comming your way. Have fun.

  2. Yay for lots of summer plans (outfit shopping will be a blast!!)

    wow! That's a lot of weddings haha :) Mines August 8!!!

    I plan on being one of those ladies stuck grading papers for years to come ;)


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