Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 5! Woohoo!

I love Thursday 5! I know it's a short & sweet little meme, but it's fun & it's good to reflect on the GOOD things that happened during the week!

In case you haven't seen this one yet - it's with Keely at Mannland5. You are supposed to share 5 things that happened this week to make you...

or all of the above. :)

So here are mine for this week!

1. Big Mike or Casey NOT getting kicked off IDOL this week. Sorry, Aaron. You made it far! You improved week after week! But i would have ranked you as #5 out of the remaining 5. Crystal, Lee, Mike & Casey - these are my favorites in order.

2. Oh, i am SOOO sorry! I can't believe i mentioned that over their MENTOR this week! SWOOON!!! That would be - Harry Connick Jr! I loved him! I loved that he was the best mentor & that he played the piano for their performances! How awesome is that?! So this season of AI is actually the worst season yet... even though i'm sticking with it...haha...but i'm telling you - Harry Connick Jr week made it ALL WORTH IT! ;)

Mm-hmm. You mighty fine, Mister Harry. Although my hubby is finer - & plays the piano just as well! I am not  biased. ;)

3. I've been reading "Get Out of That Pit" by Beth Moore. It's really good. It's uplifting & honest. & it's fun hearing stories from her own life! I'm not in a pit. But i've been in one. And it's reminding me of all those good things God has done for me. And i am praying it will be of help to some friends that i know are in a pit.

4. Catching up with friends!! Met my good friend & old roomie Aimie for dinner after work on Tuesday. Love chatting with her! And met my friend Alicia to walk the lakes on Wednesday! Good times! =)

5. GIRL TALK, a new blog started by my best bloggie friend Laura at Life Happens. Linds at A Dollop of my Life is a co-contributor. They are both hilarious & honest! I am so excited about this new blog, i can't even tell you! It's kind of like a Girl's Club, you know - No Boys Allowed! So far they have talked about PMS, Bloat, Pregnancy & so on. It's hilarious! The goal is for it to be like a community for us ladies. You can read more about it on my last post! The blog is private, so if you want to join, all you need to do is send an email to Laura at emailgirltalk@gmail.com. Be sure to tell her that Melissa from Little Mrs. Married sent you!

So that was my week! & it's been good! Tonight it's gonna get really crazy - with what i'm calling Auditions Extravaganza. Seriously, we're auditioning people for 3 different shows. Tonight is vocals - 5 minute auditions slots that start at 6 & go on til who knows how long! (I have a friend who is auditioning at 10:15. EESH! Let's hope he is LAST!). Saturday is kid's auditions from 2-6. Sunday is more vocals from 1-5 or so & then dance auditions from 5-10 (or so - i'm all mixed up now)! And then Monday & Tuesday are callbacks! CRAZINESS! Me & my friend Susan are SMing 2 of the shows & we will have our work cut out for us this weekend! (In case you didn't know Stage Managers do most of the work on productions! We're like the director's right hand - but we do even more!) It's crazy & fun! I love being the one at auditions to help people through the process. I had one girl tell me she sang to me for her audition because i made her feel calm & not as nervous! I didn't even know the girl! How sweet is that! I love being that person - because auditions are torture! I get nervous just thinking about mine (next year)! So i will be there in one hour ready to go! Can't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Just stopping by for Thursday 5! The GirlTalk sounds like fun!

  2. Oh, I had dinner with an old friend and forgot to put it on my list! But yay for that!


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