Sunday, May 23, 2010

Warning: this one's a little boring. :)

I had a wonderful weekend. Relaxing.

I slept so much yesterday it was ridiculous. I felt like i'd overdosed on some sort of sleepy med (but i hadn't!)! I was either sleeping or feeling sleepy. HA! I usually wake up between 7:30 & 8:30 on Saturdays. Brad had to take my car to his parents at 8 am. The guy that looks at our cars was going to his parents to look at theirs for something & Brad was bringing mine because when we got my oil changed last weekend the guy said he thought something was wrong with the transmission (sorry for the lack of detail - i kind of tune out around car talk). Brad wanted our car guy to check it out. (Turns out nothing is wrong. THANK YOU, LORD!) 

So anyway, i never heard Brad get up, get dressed or leave. I woke up about 9 because the phone rang. It was Brad calling to see if i wanted some coffee & pancakes at his parents. I was SO tired. It took me awhile to decide. I ended up getting dressed & going over there (DELICIOUS coffee & pancakes, by the way!) We came home & relaxed some more. I took a long afternoon nap. I woke up but still felt drugged. HAHA. Insanity. It was my first full week stage managing a new show (after a long break) so i guess that's the reason! 

We ended up spur-of-the-moment calling Brad's parents over to have dinner & watch one of our movies we got in on Netflix. (My idea to have his parents over - breakfast with them was not enough - it's kind of strange but i'm always telling brad to call his parents & see if they can come over. I love them!) Anyway... they came over & we watched FAME (the newer version). Funny seeing Debbie Allen since i just worked her show the night before & saw her in person! Love FAME. Had seen it before. Any move with dancing/acting/singing is right up my alley! 

Today we went back to our old church, HeartsEase. I really want to write a blog on this whole topic (church) because i have so many thoughts i need to blog about it. Why we left in the first place (though we didn't really "leave") & why we went to Victory in the meantime. And why we kind of wish the two churches could just merge so we could go to both! :) But I can't blog about it... i don't know that i could be completely free with what i want to say so i am hesitant. But i will say that ever since we went to a shower there a few weeks ago, we have missed those people TERRIBLY. This morning we went back to visit & i have never felt so welcomed or wanted in my life. ESPECIALLY in a church (sad but true). Except for the first time i started going there (in 2006). Brad felt the same way. So that was crazy in a good way. My heart feels full. I love those people.

We went to Barnes & Noble after church. Brad bought himself a book on orchestration & he got me a novel i picked out. I wanted the new Emily Giffin novel, but should have known it'd be in hardback (i hate reading hardback). I got a book called "Never Let You Go" by Erin Healy. It just looks good. Gripping. We'll see. :) 

We came home & i made lunch & then took a nap (seriously - sleeping like crazy this weekend!). Then i got up & we watched our other Netflix'd movie: Horton Hears a Who. When i used to nanny, the little girl (who is now 13...GASP!) had a thick book of 5 or 6 Dr. Seuss stories. My favorite one to read to her was Horton Hears a Who. So that's why we netflix'd it. It was cute. :) 

SO that's really it. Tomorrow is work & rehearsal & i am joinging the Y in between! Woohoo! I am SO excited! Next weekend is a crawfish boil at my sister's ... can't wait!


  1. I think it sounds like a GREAT, relaxing weekend! Glad you caught up on your sleep, movie watching and in-law time!

    Have a GREAT Monday!

  2. oh girl what an awesome weekend! I wish my in-laws and I had the same relationship you had with yours- what a HUGE BLESSING that is!!!!

  3. haha the funny part is the fact that "I Do" wasn't even the line HAHA!!!
    If he would've waited he would've heard the instructions to say "I will" LOL I loved it, he was so assertive and just belted out the most honest and sweet I Do! so meaningfully and I couldn't help but die of laughter!!!

  4. Blog award for you at my blog!!!! :)


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