Friday, June 25, 2010

Rehearsals, Rehearsals

So I have been super busy with Sound of Music rehearsals since mid-May. The schedule is 5-8 on Sundays & 7-10 Monday - Thursday. Add to that working 8:30 - 5 & hitting the gym after work & yeah - it's been busy! Usually the Stage Manager is involved from rehearsals thru the last performance (& even tying up loose ends after that), but this time it's different. Because she had some conflicts in June & i had some in July, they asked if we wanted to split it up - I stage manage the rehearsals & Susan stage manage the performances. We'll both be there for tech week (the week before the show). We agreed. It's a great arrangement. For one thing - I miss my husband TERRIBLY in July when i do the summer musical. It's a heavy rehearsal schedule but it's a much heavier performance schedule - with 21 definite performances & 9 possible ones (depending on ticket sales) all in one month! I hate to miss the summer musical - this is my 5th one in a row - so the way we are doing this is kind of a win-win for me! 

But i am definitely going to miss it!  It has truly flown by - opening night is just 2 weeks from today! I told Susan i will work backstage for her a few times during the month when she is low on crew, because i know i'm going to miss everyone a lot! This has been one of the very best casts i've ever worked with & i'm also loving the director. I'd never worked with him before so i wasn't sure - but i could definitely work with him again. He's great - & always letting me know how much he appreciates me, which is nice...not all directors remember to thank their stage managers. & let me tell you - Stage Managers do the most work. I don't think that is an untrue statement!! 

My friend, Davis, has been coming to rehearsals & has been taking lots of pics. I'm so glad - he's gotten some great ones! And he even got some of the production team in action. You may have to click this one to see it bigger...& sorry it is so dark! But there we are. Not all of these people are at every rehearsal. Usually it's just me, the director, music director & choreographer. But at this one, our lighting designer, performance SM, ASM & a crew member came to watch!

This one below is of some of the cast rehearsing. We have a great group of kids & our Maria was just born to play Maria, i think. :)

 Here's one of our Maria (Jamie) rehearsing...

I have more pics, but suddenly blogger is being mean... ah, well. Will get them up later! :)
By the way...the show is going to be really good. If you're in Baton Rouge, you should come see it! 


It's time for Five Question Friday. Thanks, Mama M! (If you want to play, just go to My Little Life...Mama M will tell you what to do.) Here are the questions...

1. Do you know how to play a musical instrument?
No...though Brad teaches me songs on the piano on occasion (ok, maybe 1 per year...), but i don't practice them so i don't remember them. I have taken lessons for flute, clarinet & guitar...didn't work out. I love to sing, though!

2. What is your pet peeve while driving?
When someone is going too slow in front of me - the speed limit is 45 & they are going 30...KILLS ME. I get on their tail & it doesn't help. We pass a speed limit sign & i hope they will see it - nope. Just in their own little world! Also when they SLOWLY merge on the interstate - this is dangerous, people! GO!!!!

I also hate the opposite - when i'm going the speed limit or above it & they are riding my tail like i'm going sooo slow - when i'm not...(then we're at the same red light together down the road...wow - all that rush really got you ahead, didn't it?) 

3. Would you rather have a housekeeper or unlimited spa services?
This question is CRAZY! HA! I would LOVE both! (Free of charge, right?!) I am going to go with housekeeper - to have a clean house w/o having to do it myself?! A DREAM!

Wait a minute...on second thought...i was thinking you just meant massages...but "spa services" should include manicures, pedicures, facials, haircuts or styles AND massages...so yeah - I'll get that house clean by myself & enjoy the unlimited spa services! YES! 

4. Is there a song you'll hear that will take you back to the moment? Like a junior high or high school dance?
No...not really...although Boyz II Men songs always brings me back to those days! For whatever reason! HAHA.

5. What song best represents your life right now?
Wow...i'm just...totally drawing a blank here! Oh-well! HAHA.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, 'Chelle!

Yesterday I celebrated my husband's 35th birthday. (I cannot believe he is 35. I'm kind of freaking out about how old we are getting. It's kind of surreal, because i FEEL like i'm still in my mid-twenties or so!) ANYWAY - today i am celebrating another favorite person's birthday: My Sister (who is also turning 35. I hope she doesn't mind me posting her age! Hahaahahaa!!). Anyway, I love Michelle & am very thankful that i have a sister. Truly. You know what they say about sisters? They have a special sisterly bond! Well, that is the truth - at least it has proven true in our family. I don't know what i would have done without her all these years - especially those terrible teen years!!

I have never wondered if Michelle loved me. Sure, sometimes we fought & sometimes she had "older sister syndrome" where she was a meanie!! But for the most part we got along well & we definitely have gotten closer as we've gotten older. I am so thankful for her!
What's funny is that we are complete & total opposites.  In every way. Here are just a few examples:

- She is very outgoing, never meets a stranger.
It takes me awhile to warm up to someone new.

- She loves math & science.
I am more into english & the arts.

- She is athletic, loves to watch & play sports.
I am very unathletic, have no interest in watching sports & i certainly don't wanna play them!

- She always knows what to say, especially in a bad/scary situation.
I never know what to say...

-She does not like to get on stage & perform in front of thousands of people.
I have no problem with that!

- She has perfect teeth & perfect vision.
I wore braces for 2 years & have been wearing glasses/contacts since 6th grade!

- She got into trouble a lot growing up. (in high school anyway!)
i was an angel. (...for the most part... What?! I'm not kidding!!)

- She is short & not overweight.
I am taller (than her) & yeah. I'm working on it.

- She tans well.
I'm white as a ghost.

- She was always the neatfreak growing up.
I was the messy one. But that all changed as i got older. There are two of us now!!

- She always had a guy asking for her number! She always had a boyfriend or at least a date.
Me?  Not so much!!

- She is a morning person & a very light sleeper.
I am NOT a morning person (night owl) & i (used to be able to) sleep through anything! (I'm finding that is changing the older i get!)

We also look nothing alike! Most people can't even believe we are sisters! But once you get to know the both of us, you can tell we are - a lot of our mannerisms & the way we talk is the same. Not to mention the inside jokes!

I am very proud of my sister as I feel she has accomplished a lot. She plugged along & finally finished college (something i didn't do) & got her degree in Exercise Physiology & Health Science). She is now a patient navigator in a hospital. Her job is to basically hold the hand of a cancer patient, from the time of diagnosis until they either pass away or go into remission. I think this is an AMAZING job, a calling - & it is something i truly respect & admire! & right up her alley!

Michelle has been a great sister. Even through disagreements, we try to understand each other. She has always been a huge support in whatever i am doing & she's always had my back! She also is really good at making me laugh when i am upset!

Thank you, Michelle, for being a great big sister!

Dancing at my wedding.

Being Silly.

At my birthday - March 2010

Memorial Day 2009
Happy Birthday, Michelle! I love you! ~'Lissa

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Today is the birthday of my very favorite person, my sweet husband. He is truly (& i do mean truly!) the best husband a girl could ever ask for. It's 1.5 years into our marriage & i love him more & more everyday. He is everything to me...my friend, my lover, my comrade, my partner, my romancer, my confidant, my encourager, my supporter... the list goes on & on! Thank you, Brad, for always being so sweet, for understanding (or doing your best to understand!) me, for listening & for loving me just the way i am. Thank you for always making me feel beautiful! I LOVE YOU & i am thankful that i get to spend my life with you!

On our wedding day, as i was walking down the aisle. 11.14.08

"Honey, we just got MAWWEED!!!"
Had to post the groom's cake - it's just so HIM!

The first day as husband & wife! 11.15.08
I just think he's so handsome! Honeymoon 2008.

I love his hair all windblown like this! Honeymoon - 11.2008

Awww - Memorial Day 2009

We so silly - Memorial Day 2009

May 2010

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grande Isle, La - 6.3.10

I have been heartbroken over all that's going on in our gulf. There are so many tragedies happening because of this oil "spill" (i have trouble saying spill now - i heard a quote recently that calling it a "spill" is like calling war a "tiff" - considering millions of gallons of oil is what spilled.). One of the saddest things to me is that these fishermen are out of work...they have no income right now because fishing is how they made their living. And of course, all the wildlife...so sad...i start to tear up every time i see pics of birds trying to soar with oil-filled wings... it's terrible.

I could ramble on & on about how the government is handling all this, but i'll refrain. Sorry to sound so negative, but even if the oil was cleaned up NOW, TODAY, it still would be a big mess, there are still families dealing with this & there are still dead animals & animals who aren't able to live the way they were meant to live! It just breaks my heart. Not to mention all the men & women working out there right now... many of them becoming ill because of the toxins, chemicals, etc. I hope that everyone is praying for those affected most by this.

I thought there was nothing being done to help those fishermen families, but i recently heard of 2 organizations. One is Gulf Aid, whose mission is "to provide relief to the fishing communities of the gulf coast and their families, & to address the long-term challenge of restoring & protecting America's coastal wetlands." They recently had a benefit concert & raised a little over $300k - i am SO THANKFUL for this organization. 

I also heard of one on the Josh Tesh radio program called Adopt-a-Fisherman. 100% of all donations provide financial aid to fishermen's families impacted by the effects of the oil spill. This aid may cover income assistance, supplies (food, clothing, etc), medical care, bill paying, child care, relocation & much more.

My husband & I are definitely going to be talking about which organization we will donate to & how much we will be able to give. 

My friend Ashley of Click Photography, went down to Grande Isle on June 3rd & took some pics of what is going own down there. She did an amazing job & really captured what is happening. The pictures are beautiful but tragic. She gave me permission to post a few on my blog. Feel free to check out her website as well. She takes some beautiful pics!By the way...if you think you are seeing oil in the pics...you probably are.

Yeah, that's oil on the bottom of the boat...wow.

 I believe that shadow is oil.

 This one really makes me sad...a brown pelican trying to fly with oil stuck in his wings.

 Lots of pelicans with oil...so sad.

I love this one...she seems like a beautiful spirit. Ashley's caption said that she was a face of hope in the heartache...she had just learned that her fishing hole had been submerged in oil. She allowed herself a moment to grieve & then put the smile on & continued to laugh. I wish i could give her a hug.

 One of my favorite shots... poor birds, though. :(

 HAHA - i really couldn't resist - this is Ashley the photographer with Anderson Cooper. =)

Please consider giving to Gulf Aid or the Adopt-a-Fisherman fund... if you can.

Peach Cobbler

I saw the June 2010 issue of Southern Living while standing in the checkout line recently & had to get it. Why? Because of a gorgeous pic of Peach Cobbler on the cover. I had never tried to make a cobbler, but i thought why not? For the Shindig we had yesterday, in honor of 2 birthdays & 2 father's days, i decided to make it. My mother-in-law was making her cream cheese pie as requested by the birthday boy (my husband) & the birthday girl (my sister). So i thought i'd make Peach Cobbler for my dad & father-in-law because i knew they love peach cobbler! 

It was not as hard as i thought it'd be to make & it was FANTASTIC! 

I will post the pic from Southern Living, because mine did not turn out nearly as beautiful as this one...but it definitely tasted good, which is what counts, right?!

Pecan Peach Cobbler
Southern Living
Prep Time: 45 minutes
Other: 56 minutes
Yield: Makes 10 to 12 servings

  • 12  to 15 fresh peaches, peeled and sliced (about 16 cups)
  • 1/3  cup  all-purpose flour
  • 1/2  teaspoon  ground nutmeg
  • 3  cups  sugar
  • 2/3  cup  butter
  • 1 1/2  teaspoons  vanilla extract
  • 2  (15-oz.) packages refrigerated piecrusts
  • 1/2  cup  chopped pecans, toasted
  • 5  tablespoons  sugar, divided
  • Sweetened whipped cream (we used vanilla ice cream. duh.)

1. Preheat oven to 475°. Stir together peaches, flour, nutmeg, and 3 cups sugar in a Dutch oven. Bring to a boil over medium heat; reduce heat to low, and simmer 10 minutes. Remove from heat; stir in butter and vanilla. Spoon half of mixture into a lightly greased 13- x 9-inch baking dish.

2. Unroll 2 piecrusts. Sprinkle 1/4 cup pecans and 2 Tbsp. sugar over 1 piecrust; top with other piecrust. Roll to a 14- x 10-inch rectangle. Trim sides to fit baking dish. Place pastry over peach mixture in dish.

3. Bake at 475° for 20 to 25 minutes or until lightly browned. Unroll remaining 2 piecrusts. Sprinkle 2 Tbsp. sugar and remaining 1/4 cup pecans over 1 piecrust; top with remaining piecrust. Roll into a 12-inch circle. Cut into 1-inch strips, using a fluted pastry wheel. Spoon remaining peach mixture over baked pastry. Arrange pastry strips over peach mixture; sprinkle with remaining 1 Tbsp. sugar. 

4. Bake 15 to 18 minutes or until lightly browned. Serve warm or cold with whipped cream (or vanilla ice cream). 

It was truly delicious! And the pecans make it really good! I didn't have a fluted pastry wheel, but picked one up at Walmart...i think it was $4. This recipe was much easier to make than i thought it would be, too! And it was a hit. Thank you, Southern Living!

MannLand5's Getting to know YOU

Time for Getting to know YOU Sunday. If you wish to play, just answer these in your own blog & then go to MannLand5 & add your link to the blog hop! :)

1. While at the beach/pool/etc, do you cover up your assets or show them off? 
I wear shorts & a tee over it but when i get there i gotta shed the extra stuff! I wear a cute tankini & the bottoms are a skirt - it covers up very well. 

2. Road trips or plane trips?
I love road trips, as long as they aren't TOO long. I've definitely been on more of those than plane trips. Plane trips are for longer trips, but i definitely love those too. 

3. I can't stand it when... I am coming home from rehearsal late at night & there are people walking all up & down the streets close to 11 pm...for no reason at all. It is dark & i never see them until the last minute. I just want to yell out my window "GO HOME!!!!!" I just don't get it at all...

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach? er, NO. But i've never been to a beach where that was the norm! (Not that i would then, either!)

5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week? 
Admittedly, too many. I always do this one. I usually do either My Little Life's Five Question Friday, or the little things we do's Fill in the Blanks Friday, or both. I sometimes do MannLand5's Thursday 5 as well. And then there is Sunday Stealing, which i do off & on, depending on the questions. I *think* that's it! I can't help it, i enjoy them!

6. My favorite thing about the weekend is waking up next to Brad on Saturday mornings without having to jump up & start getting ready for work. We just laze around for awhile, talking & laughing & snuggling, until he decides to get up & make some coffee, which he usually fixes for me & brings to me in bed. :) Ahh, i LOVE Saturdays.

7. Pancakes or Waffles? 
Either one is fine...i've had pancakes more often... but waffles are good too. They're kind of the same to me, they just look different! 

8. Waterpark or Amusement park? 

That was fun! Hope you're having a great Sunday!! Happy Father's Day! 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

a family shindig

We had such a great day today at our 2nd annual PerryVenable Shindig. HAHA. That was in the subject line of an email i had sent to the family to organize this day & it seems to have stuck. Anyway, because Father's Day, Brad's birthday & Michelle's (my sister) birthday all fall within one week, we have decided to sort of make a tradition of celebrating the days all at once. My family & Brad's family have been friends since Jaimie (Brad's sister) & I were infants, so it's a great thing to get together AT LEAST once a year! (OK, a lot more than that...but this one is for sure!). 

SO today was the day. Tomorrow is Father's Day, Tuesday is Brad's 35th birthday & Wednesday is Michelle's 35th birthday!! Today's event had me, my husband, his parents & sister, my parents & sister, & my sister's boyfriend. ALSO - my aunt - who lives 5-6 hours away - came in as a surprise!! She pulled into our driveway when me & all the men were outside where the steaks were grilling... we didn't even see her! My back was turned when i heard her say "What time's my steak gonna be ready!?" OMG! HAHA It was TOO FUNNY! I had NO CLUE she was coming. It was just great. For a split second i was thinking "that sounds like Aunt PAULA?!?!?!?" & there she was! HA! (I'm really sad i didn't get a pic of her...i kept meaning to but something would stop it... i was even thinking of it when she was napping right before we left - & i didn't think she'd appreciate it if i snapped one of her napping just to show she was there...I'm sorry, Auntie Paula!!!!) 

Here are some pics from the day... we had a fantastic time!

 Me & Brad 

 My father-in-law, Stan

 Brad's mom & my mom (Cheryl & Donna)

 Mike & Michelle

Us with Jaimie (Brad's sister)

We had a wonderful time & delicious food! Mom marinated the steaks & Mike grilled them (along w/ some chicken) - PERFECT! Mom also made this potato cheesy bacony deliciousness casserole, so good! Jaimie brought the perfect salad, Aunt Paula brought this awesome bread, I made peach cobbler & my mother-in-law made cream cheese pie! YUM! (No, i didn't eat ALL of that!). It was so good, though. YUM! We played Mexican Train (a dominoes game) & later we were all snoring in different places all over the house! HA! What a great day. My favorite part was the gifts... I could not WAIT to give Brad his gift because all i ever get him is Barnes & Noble gift cards because that is all he ever wants! He finally asked for something for his music production... Alicia's Keys. Basically, it's a computer program with the recording of Alicia Keys' piano keys - her custom R&B piano! I was THRILLED to get this for Brad & you should have seen his face! I told brad that i think he got all that he needed & wanted - he got that from me, Barnes & Noble gift cards from my sister & his sister, slacks from his parents & polo shirts from my parents (he was in desperate need of new clothes)! 

 Brad after opening his Alicia's Keys!! =)

It was a great time!!! We had so much fun!! I love hanging out with our families. Good times. 

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fill in the Blanks: SCHOOL

Fill in the Blank Fridays... one of my favorite memes! If you wanna play, just answer these questions in your own blog & then head on over to the little things we do & add your link to the blog hop! This week's topic: SCHOOL. (shudder.)

1. The best thing about being in school was/is: Friendships & musical theatre class.

2. The worst thing about being in school was/is: I hated studying. With a passion.

3. My favorite subject in school was/is: English & musical theatre in high school. In college, it was Pyschology & Political Science.

4. One subject i wish i would have mastered/would like to master is: Nutrition & Exercise Physiology. I've been reading a lot on the subjects lately & I'd love to have all that knowledge deep in my brain!

5. I could never get tired of studying Psychology. I find it VERY interesting & cool.

6. The most memorable teacher I had was David Madden, my english professor in college. And i do not mean "memorable" in a good way. It was a fiction writing class & he believed in embarrassing his students, being cruel & making them feel really small. I took his class because he was recommended to me as being a great author & a Christian...huh...funny, because one of the things he ridiculed me about in front of the class was a piece i had written that had a religious edge to it. That said, i must admit that I did learn a lot about writing. (I considered not putting his name, but really - why not?!)

7. If I could choose going to school for the rest of my life & working for the rest of my life, i'd choose: Well - School - if grades don't matter! I had a really hard time studying & doing well on tests. But i love learning about things and wouldn't mind just going to class & taking notes!

Your turn. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love Poems

Some of you have read about our love story. It's a wonderful story - i love it! In fact, i remember when it was happening, thinking "I should be writing all this down - it could definitely be a screenplay for a romantic comedy!"  HAHA - i know that is silly, but it's true. It felt like the perfect love story. It was a whirlwind - yet not, because we have known each other our whole lives. 

You may remember from reading our story that we also dated ages ago - when i was 18 & he was 21. We were together for a little over a year - & then we broke up. More specifically, he broke up with me. But i remember at the time feeling like the relationship was going to end. I felt like God was telling me to end it. But i wouldn't - i liked having a boyfriend. Soon enough, Brad did it for me. It was over. 

 Brad & Melissa, October 1997

I remember in the years that followed after our breakup, i did not lose faith that he was the one for me. I just was 100% certain that God was the one who put us together. I believed without a doubt that we were meant to be - i just figured that the timing was off & that when it was HIS timing, then God would bring us back together. 

But after a few years, i moved on. He wasn't the one. What was i thinking? I hated when married couples would say "you just know" when you meet "the one" - because i felt like i HAD KNOWN but was WRONG! I mean, i DID "just know" - but then it was over. You know what i mean? Yeah... it was rough. I finally moved on though - completely. 

Until 11 years later, when he walked back into my life. And it became very obvious that he really was the one for me after all. I kept saying "some things are just meant to be" (which is why it always says that somewhere in my header!). 

So anyway - getting to the point! The other night, Brad & i were working on a song he's writing & I remembered that i used to write songs a lot in my teens. I didn't remember what they were - if they were really corny or really good... but i wanted to find them - now that i have a husband who might could put them to music! ;) I found them - but i also found a poem i wrote - after our break up. It was written 11-3-97. And  I just wanted to share it. 

I've never heard so bad
My heart aches for you
But all the wishes in this world
can't make me come back
into your arms
your warm embrace
where i long to be
This time away is killing me
My heart's so full of pain
and even though you will return
I long
to see you now
Your handsome face
to touch your cheek
I want to hold your hand
But all this sorrow has some joy
waiting at the end
one day
one day i know we'll be together
i'm letting go now but you'll be back
For God has promised us
A life together
As husband and wife
And even though this time away
seems really long right now
it can't compare to the rest of our lives
I love you.

I let Brad read it last night & he was amazed as well. How thankful we are that God brought us back together! It is truly unreal. There are days when i'm looking at him or laughing with him & i am struck by the reminder that we were APART for 11 years. It amazes me that during those 11 years, we remained pure & continued to seek God's will when it comes to relationships. It amazes me also that when we were back in each other's lives, he was EVERYTHING i wanted in a husband - none of the qualities i despised before were there any longer, all of the things i had once wished he could be, he now IS. God used those 11 years to grow him up into the man He wanted him to be & Brad says i am changed too - that i've also grown up & that we are now better suited for each other than we ever were then! Honestly, it's kind of like that WAS a different relationship - because we were so different then (than we are now). 

Brad & Melissa - November 2008

 Brad read the part about "for God has promised us a life together as husband & wife"... & he was like "woah, you're a prophetess!" HAHA. But i wasn't - it' s just that i KNEW back then - was certain he was the one, but that the timing was off. I KNEW THAT I KNEW. There was no doubt. And then - as the years passed, the doubts did come in. It was heart breaking, but i moved on... i just kept on with my walk with God, hoping that one day i would meet someone. And i did, eventually.

And it was him. 

It's just amazing to me how God has it all planned out. When i was freaking out & worrying that i would die an old maid - i had no idea that Brad was about to come back into my life... & that he would be all i ever dreamed of...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday Stealing

Haven't done a Sunday Stealing in a little while... 

1. You’re building your dream house. What’s the one thing that this house absolutely, positively MUST HAVE? (other than the obvious basics of course)
I hate that i always know the answer to this question until I'm asked it. 
...since i was a little girl, i've always wanted a window seat. To curl up in & read. I'm not sure if this is still as important to me as it was back then. I also want a jacuzzi bathtub,  lots of kitchen cabinet space & lots of storage space. I know these are basics, but i'm just sayin...those are things i don't have now that i want one day!!

2. What is your dream car?
I've never been one of those people who has a "dream car". I don't really care as long as i have music & a/c. And as long as it runs. =) (Brad is the same as i am about this... it's funny b/c both of our sisters are TOTAL car people!)

3. What is your favorite website that isn’t a blog?
Facebook, i suppose. It definitely has it's downfalls, but i do like it for keeping in touch with certain people.

4. iPhone 4 or Droid, which do you want?
Wow - um - yeah. So, i have no clue what Droid is. So i'll go with iphone 4!

5. When you’re feeling down or lonely or just generally out of sorts, what do you do to cheer yourself up?
Talk to Brad. Or read. Or blog. Or nap. Or cry. One of those things.

6. Tell me about something or someone that you love that most people seem to hate.
Um... wow... i can't think of a thing! But i know there is something!!

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A homeowner & a stay-at-home mom. =)

8. Would you go on a reality show if given the chance?
Which one? Probably not...though i'd love to be an American Idol JUDGE.

9. Who was your favorite teacher when you were growing up. (Grade school, Middle School, Jr. High or High School only.)
I loved Mr. O'Brien in high school - he taught me 9th grade english & 11th grade American History. Also, Mrs. Smith, my high school choir teacher.

10. You get one pass to do something illegal or immoral. What are you gonna do?
Haha - i suppose drive as fast as i want to. I know- what a rebel!

11. What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was 22 - living with roomies Aimie, Amanda & Sarah...going to school at LSU... LOVING being on my own - had lots of girl & guy friends & we had a lot of fun. =)

12. By this time next year, I ...will have lost more weight. =)

13. Do you think the United States will elect a female President in your lifetime? Do you think this would be a good thing? 
I think they probably will elect a female - i wouldn't be surprised anyway. And i don't think it being a good thing depends on if it's a male or female - it depends on their character. It really doesn't matter to me if it's the right person for the job.

14. Which fictional, TV show character you would shag anytime?
oh my...what?! Seriously - i like the man i got. =)

15. What is your greatest pet peeve? Blogger at the moment - i constantly have to change the font back to Trebuchet - it constantly goes back to this one. UGH! Also, uploading pics to blogger has started to be a HUGE PAIN!

16. Tell me about your most recent trip of more than 100 miles? Went to Lafayette for a friend's jewelry party... wait a minute... i don't think that's quite 100 miles!

17. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus? Dictionary

18. Do you have a nickname? What is it?
Mel is the one used most often.

19. What are you dreading at the moment?
Not a thing!

20. Do you worry that others will judge you from reading some of your answers?

21. In two words, explain what ended your last relationship.

Wrong timing. (But it was the right timing 11 years later!!) 

22. What were you doing this morning at 8am?

Drinking coffee

23. Do you have any famous relatives?

24. How many different beverages have you drank today?

25. What is something you are excited about?

the opening of Sound of Music (the show i'm currently stage managing), my friends Megan & Trey's wedding & my friends Amanda & Matt's wedding...

26. When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group?
Last Saturday - when i won the "outstanding technical volunteer" award at the Beaux Arts Ball. It was crazy!

27. When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?
i don't remember...

28. What were you doing at midnight last night?

29. What’s a word that you say a lot? "like" ... i know, i'm sorry! Haha.

30. Who is your worst enemy?
Maybe...my self? My own will? I don't know. 

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Amanda's Shower!

Today was fun! We woke early due to going to bed so early last night. HA! 9:30 on a Friday night...just, wow. But anyway - this morning we were up & at 'em at 7:30. We just hung out, relaxed, laughed, read, goofed off, went for a bike ride (sweated our booties off) & then came in & i got ready for a wedding shower for a good friend of mine. 

 Amanda & her bridesmaids: 
(left to right) Becca, Brandi, Amanda & Jennifer

The cake that Ali made - she does such an awesome job (tastes delish, too!)

Ali & her sweet new baby boy, Eli.

Becca, Me, Amanda, Ali & the baby =) 

I love these girls...some of my best friends thru the years. It's always wonderful to get to spend some time with them! We had a really good time at Amanda's shower & I'm so happy for Amanda & her upcoming wedding - July 17th!! I just cannot wait!!

Love weekends... Hope yours is happy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting to know you Sunday

Time for Keely's Getting to know you Sunday! Love it! If you wish to play along, just answer the below questions & then head on over to MannLand5 & add your link to the blog hop!

1. If a person has a booger in their nose, & you can see it, do you tell them? 
If it's Brad, absolutely. Or a close friend. Or my mom or sister. Anyone else, probably not. Sorry!
2. What are you passionate about?
Jesus & the importance of a relationship with him, Family, Theatre, Becoming Healthy

3. How long have you been blogging? 
Woah! Made a year in May!!! I totally missed my own blog anniversary!!! 

4. What is your favorite "summer" drink?
I guess lemonade - if it's done right... I'm picky about Lemonade! Raising Canes makes it perfectly!! I try to refrain though - FULL of sugar! I'll go with WATER. =)

5. What is your favorite type of music? 
I like all of it except heavy metal & rap. I can even deal with country & opera on occasion. My favorites are jazz, big band, rock, showtunes - yeah, i like a lot of it. I really have a thing for a solo artist at a piano with great lyrics: think Alicia Keys, Elton John, Sara Barreillis, Nichole Nordeman. 

6. Something i do before i go to bed is: Take out my contacts. 

7. My summer vacation plans are: we have a beach trip to Destin planned for September. Kinda not sure what the oil situation will be then, though...it's not looking good. 

8. My favorite must-have can't-live-without beauty product is? chapstick! even if i have no makeup on, i gotta have on Chapstick. And they have yummy scents...grape & strawberry are my favorites! (btw, i'm constantly leaving them in my jeans pockets & washing them! When it comes out of the wash, you open the tube & there is NO CHAPSTICK. It's an empty container! I've done this THREE TIMES already! Why do i have it in my pockets anyway?!)

And that's all! Your turn!

Beaux Arts Ball 2010!

Every year the theatre has what is called the Beaux Arts Ball. It is always a ton of fun. Everyone dresses fancy & brings their cameras & has a really wonderful time. The purpose of the ball is to honor the theatre's volunteers of the past season. So this one was for the shows of the 2009-2010 season. From 7-7:30 there are appetizers, drinks & mingling. Then at 7:45 there is a program which includes a parody of the shows from the last season (which is always HILARIOUS), a couple of sneak peaks of the summer musical (Sound of Music) & they will also have a few people perform a song they did in a musical from the last season. They also do the awards... Best Actor in a comedy or drama, etc. The people presenting the awards are the people who won it last year. After the program, there is dinner & dancing. Dinner this year was from Ninfa's & Ruffino's! YUM! It is a WONDERFUL TIME! My hubby & i had a fantastic time last night. I think it is probably my favorite Beaux Arts Ball yet! PICTURE OVERLOAD coming up... but i hope you stick around!! Excuse my lengthy captions... =)

 Me & my hubby. =)

The biggest shock to me was that I won an award!! HAHA! I didn't expect this at all, but i won an award they give each year called "Outstanding Backstage Volunteer" award. It is presented by the technical director. I was truly surprised but honored to receive it! I was nervous because it meant i had to make a speech! EEK! & i had to climb those awful steps in HEELS in front of everyone! HAHAHA. I kept the speech short & sweet, but i really did not express to them how much i love them & how much i love being a part of that place! I don't remember all i said, but i hope it made sense! I know i thanked my husband - he is more understanding of my need for theatre than any other "non-theatre" person. It is great to have a husband who supports you in whatever you want to do! Anyway, it is an honor & i am thankful. My plaque says, "Baton Rouge Little Theatre/2009-2010 Season/Outstanding Technical Volunteer/ Melissa Venable"!  Still can't believe it! But very happy. It truly meant a lot to me. 

 I met Tim & Marion during my first show Beauty & the Beast (actually, that's when they met, too!). So they were some of my first friends at the theatre. Tim & i became very good friends thru the years. The three of us have done several shows together (they were both in Urinetown & Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with me as well as B&B). Tim moved the day after last year's Beaux Arts Ball to go to college a few hours away. I am SO proud of him! Marion later joined him & is now going to school there as well. I was SO EXCITED when i heard they would be in town for the ball this year! It was so good to see them! 

 Shelley & Marion - i love these girls SO MUCH! Wish you could see them perform!! They both are great actresses & singers!!! 
Me & my sweet Danielle - one of my favorite friends. She is such a sweetheart!

Lee & Paula. Ohmygosh, i love this couple! I met Paula last year during The King & I. This year, she is in Sound of Music. Well, we needed more guys for the ensemble & she recruited her boyfriend, Lee. I cannot tell you how much i love this guy - he is just so sweet & hilarious. We gave him a speaking part in the show & he was so excited, it was too cute. He is just one of those people that you just instantly like because he has the BEST personality - he's just very genuine, sweet, friendly. I love Paula, too - she is truly a sweetheart & i'm glad she found a guy like Lee. =) They make a great couple!

 My friend Susan & her boyfriend Michael. HAHA - i love this pic!

Me & Emily with our awards... she won "best supporting actress in a comedy or drama" for her role as Sybil in Private Lives. I was so happy she won it & SO PROUD OF HER. Love this girl!

A bunch of the cast of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!! 

2 of my favorite people - Eryn Short & Kristy Coast. Eryn is Liesl in Sound of Music & i'm so happy for her - her first supporting role. Kristy is too sweet - we have not gotten to do a show together but i would LOVE to. She is HILARIOUS & super talented!

Rachel, Susan & moi!

Kevin & Stephanie. They are so cute. I had no idea i caught Kevin mid-laugh but i love it!

My good friend Rachel & her (very tall!) boyfriend Micah.

Me & Lauren... she is Elsa in Sound of Music. She is hilarious!

Another one of us with Tim!! We love this guy! & i'm so proud of him, too!

As you can probably tell, it was a very good night! An amazing time! I forgot to add that the BRLT's artistic director, Keith, announced what the 2011 summer musical is going to be - & it is going to be HAIRSPRAY!!!! How fun is that?!?! 

So excited. I truly love Baton Rouge Little Theatre. Some of the best people i've ever met are from that place. I'm so glad i decided to get over my nerves & audition for Beauty & the Beast in 2006 - if i hadn't - i would have missed out on a LOT of amazing friendships. It is a wonderful place & we had a wonderful time last night! I'm already looking forward to the next one!! =)