Friday, June 18, 2010

Fill in the Blanks: SCHOOL

Fill in the Blank Fridays... one of my favorite memes! If you wanna play, just answer these questions in your own blog & then head on over to the little things we do & add your link to the blog hop! This week's topic: SCHOOL. (shudder.)

1. The best thing about being in school was/is: Friendships & musical theatre class.

2. The worst thing about being in school was/is: I hated studying. With a passion.

3. My favorite subject in school was/is: English & musical theatre in high school. In college, it was Pyschology & Political Science.

4. One subject i wish i would have mastered/would like to master is: Nutrition & Exercise Physiology. I've been reading a lot on the subjects lately & I'd love to have all that knowledge deep in my brain!

5. I could never get tired of studying Psychology. I find it VERY interesting & cool.

6. The most memorable teacher I had was David Madden, my english professor in college. And i do not mean "memorable" in a good way. It was a fiction writing class & he believed in embarrassing his students, being cruel & making them feel really small. I took his class because he was recommended to me as being a great author & a Christian...huh...funny, because one of the things he ridiculed me about in front of the class was a piece i had written that had a religious edge to it. That said, i must admit that I did learn a lot about writing. (I considered not putting his name, but really - why not?!)

7. If I could choose going to school for the rest of my life & working for the rest of my life, i'd choose: Well - School - if grades don't matter! I had a really hard time studying & doing well on tests. But i love learning about things and wouldn't mind just going to class & taking notes!

Your turn. :)

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  1. oh my goodness what an awful teacher memory! sorry you had to endure that.

    thanks for playing along this week and answering my questions. happy weekend!


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