Friday, June 4, 2010

Fill in the blanks: Travel

Woohoo! Time for Fill in the Blank Friday. This week's topic? TRAVEL. (sigh. i love to travel. Though i have not done nearly enough of it!). So! Here we go. And if you'd like to play along - you know what to do. =)

1. My Dream Vacation would be oh gosh. i don't know. any of them would be fantastic. Top of my wishlist right now, though? Hawaii & Greece. But there are just so many places i'd love to see! 

2. The best trip i've ever taken was probably a mission's trip i took when i was 19. It was to Panama. And it was amazing. It included sleeping in a jungle, bathing in a river & some crazy bus rides in the city. I loved it. 

3. The most important items to take on a road trip are snacks, drinks, books & magazines, and good music. =)

4. The next trip i'm looking forward to is trip to Destin! Me & my husband, my sister & her boyfriend & my mom & dad. I cannot WAIT. (I do realize it may be canceled or something due to the oil...i just would like to ignore that possibility right now...)

5. If i had to pick one cd to listen to for a long road trip it would be - well - i tend to listen to one cd over & over & over anyway. Sara Barreillis has been in my car's cd player for about 3 months solid. So - whoever i am listening to at the time will be fine. =) 

6. The biggest disaster i've ever encountered while traveling was when i went to Washington DC in 6th grade. We had one of those huge buses where the luggage was kept under the bus. When we got to the hotel, they took everyone's bags out & set them on the ground for us to get. I was using a duffle bag of my dad's, which he'd gotten from his work. It was navy blue & said "dow chemical" on it. I got up to my room & opened it & found silky nightgowns & serious romance novels!! The bag was EXACTLY like mine but then i saw that it said "Exxon Chemical". Discovered it was my teacher's bag & i'd grabbed it by mistake. Headed back outside & of course, my suitcase was gone. With all my clothes. Not to mention all my sister's clothes that i had borrowed! My teacher took me to kmart early the next morning to buy some replacement clothes. I was kind of a brand snob at age 12 (not anymore, i promise!) & was horrified that i was getting clothes from k-mart (but she was so sweet to do that!). I remember she got me some hot pink sweatpants (among other things). My friend Caren also let me borrow some stuff. But it was weird being on a trip without my own clothes! Well...it was funny later! 

I'm sure there are more stories... but that one stands out! HAHA. 

7. My favorite traveling memory was of course so much from the honeymoon! But we did get lost about the last 10 minutes of our trip to Galveston. We were going on a cruise & i was so scared the boat was going to leave us!! Turns out it didn't haha. It was just a funny memory. Favorite memory would probably be the night we got all fancy dressed up for those fancy cruise dinners... & then missed dinner! Oops! We were a little confused about the time change & it made us over an hour late for dinner... so we just ate in the normal dining room in our fancy clothes & then went back to our room. ;)

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