Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grande Isle, La - 6.3.10

I have been heartbroken over all that's going on in our gulf. There are so many tragedies happening because of this oil "spill" (i have trouble saying spill now - i heard a quote recently that calling it a "spill" is like calling war a "tiff" - considering millions of gallons of oil is what spilled.). One of the saddest things to me is that these fishermen are out of work...they have no income right now because fishing is how they made their living. And of course, all the wildlife...so sad...i start to tear up every time i see pics of birds trying to soar with oil-filled wings... it's terrible.

I could ramble on & on about how the government is handling all this, but i'll refrain. Sorry to sound so negative, but even if the oil was cleaned up NOW, TODAY, it still would be a big mess, there are still families dealing with this & there are still dead animals & animals who aren't able to live the way they were meant to live! It just breaks my heart. Not to mention all the men & women working out there right now... many of them becoming ill because of the toxins, chemicals, etc. I hope that everyone is praying for those affected most by this.

I thought there was nothing being done to help those fishermen families, but i recently heard of 2 organizations. One is Gulf Aid, whose mission is "to provide relief to the fishing communities of the gulf coast and their families, & to address the long-term challenge of restoring & protecting America's coastal wetlands." They recently had a benefit concert & raised a little over $300k - i am SO THANKFUL for this organization. 

I also heard of one on the Josh Tesh radio program called Adopt-a-Fisherman. 100% of all donations provide financial aid to fishermen's families impacted by the effects of the oil spill. This aid may cover income assistance, supplies (food, clothing, etc), medical care, bill paying, child care, relocation & much more.

My husband & I are definitely going to be talking about which organization we will donate to & how much we will be able to give. 

My friend Ashley of Click Photography, went down to Grande Isle on June 3rd & took some pics of what is going own down there. She did an amazing job & really captured what is happening. The pictures are beautiful but tragic. She gave me permission to post a few on my blog. Feel free to check out her website as well. She takes some beautiful pics!By the way...if you think you are seeing oil in the pics...you probably are.

Yeah, that's oil on the bottom of the boat...wow.

 I believe that shadow is oil.

 This one really makes me sad...a brown pelican trying to fly with oil stuck in his wings.

 Lots of pelicans with oil...so sad.

I love this one...she seems like a beautiful spirit. Ashley's caption said that she was a face of hope in the heartache...she had just learned that her fishing hole had been submerged in oil. She allowed herself a moment to grieve & then put the smile on & continued to laugh. I wish i could give her a hug.

 One of my favorite shots... poor birds, though. :(

 HAHA - i really couldn't resist - this is Ashley the photographer with Anderson Cooper. =)

Please consider giving to Gulf Aid or the Adopt-a-Fisherman fund... if you can.


  1. I don't watch the news but you would have to live in a cave to not have heard about this tragedy. Thanks for posting the pics and the links where we can help.

  2. wow that is so sad. I get sick everytime I think about it. Those photos are great, but heartbreaking.

    Are people down their helping clean up? Is there anything that can be cleaned?


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