Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, 'Chelle!

Yesterday I celebrated my husband's 35th birthday. (I cannot believe he is 35. I'm kind of freaking out about how old we are getting. It's kind of surreal, because i FEEL like i'm still in my mid-twenties or so!) ANYWAY - today i am celebrating another favorite person's birthday: My Sister (who is also turning 35. I hope she doesn't mind me posting her age! Hahaahahaa!!). Anyway, I love Michelle & am very thankful that i have a sister. Truly. You know what they say about sisters? They have a special sisterly bond! Well, that is the truth - at least it has proven true in our family. I don't know what i would have done without her all these years - especially those terrible teen years!!

I have never wondered if Michelle loved me. Sure, sometimes we fought & sometimes she had "older sister syndrome" where she was a meanie!! But for the most part we got along well & we definitely have gotten closer as we've gotten older. I am so thankful for her!
What's funny is that we are complete & total opposites.  In every way. Here are just a few examples:

- She is very outgoing, never meets a stranger.
It takes me awhile to warm up to someone new.

- She loves math & science.
I am more into english & the arts.

- She is athletic, loves to watch & play sports.
I am very unathletic, have no interest in watching sports & i certainly don't wanna play them!

- She always knows what to say, especially in a bad/scary situation.
I never know what to say...

-She does not like to get on stage & perform in front of thousands of people.
I have no problem with that!

- She has perfect teeth & perfect vision.
I wore braces for 2 years & have been wearing glasses/contacts since 6th grade!

- She got into trouble a lot growing up. (in high school anyway!)
i was an angel. (...for the most part... What?! I'm not kidding!!)

- She is short & not overweight.
I am taller (than her) & yeah. I'm working on it.

- She tans well.
I'm white as a ghost.

- She was always the neatfreak growing up.
I was the messy one. But that all changed as i got older. There are two of us now!!

- She always had a guy asking for her number! She always had a boyfriend or at least a date.
Me?  Not so much!!

- She is a morning person & a very light sleeper.
I am NOT a morning person (night owl) & i (used to be able to) sleep through anything! (I'm finding that is changing the older i get!)

We also look nothing alike! Most people can't even believe we are sisters! But once you get to know the both of us, you can tell we are - a lot of our mannerisms & the way we talk is the same. Not to mention the inside jokes!

I am very proud of my sister as I feel she has accomplished a lot. She plugged along & finally finished college (something i didn't do) & got her degree in Exercise Physiology & Health Science). She is now a patient navigator in a hospital. Her job is to basically hold the hand of a cancer patient, from the time of diagnosis until they either pass away or go into remission. I think this is an AMAZING job, a calling - & it is something i truly respect & admire! & right up her alley!

Michelle has been a great sister. Even through disagreements, we try to understand each other. She has always been a huge support in whatever i am doing & she's always had my back! She also is really good at making me laugh when i am upset!

Thank you, Michelle, for being a great big sister!

Dancing at my wedding.

Being Silly.

At my birthday - March 2010

Memorial Day 2009
Happy Birthday, Michelle! I love you! ~'Lissa


  1. What a SWEET sweet post! Happy Birthday to your sister! It sounds like you guys are lucky to have each other :)

  2. Beautiful dress! I think I had the same one haha.

  3. I totally think ya'll DO look like sisters! You are both totally beautiful! Aren't sisters the best!? I so adore my 3 sisters!

  4. When Michelle interned at the place I worked, she wasted no time getting her foot in the door to a wonderful career. She deserves her new job and I'm sure she is good at it. And you are so right...that girl NEVER meets a stranger!
    Happy Birthday, Michelle!

  5. What a sweet post. I heart my sister so much. I am sure this touched your sisters heart!


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