Friday, June 25, 2010

Rehearsals, Rehearsals

So I have been super busy with Sound of Music rehearsals since mid-May. The schedule is 5-8 on Sundays & 7-10 Monday - Thursday. Add to that working 8:30 - 5 & hitting the gym after work & yeah - it's been busy! Usually the Stage Manager is involved from rehearsals thru the last performance (& even tying up loose ends after that), but this time it's different. Because she had some conflicts in June & i had some in July, they asked if we wanted to split it up - I stage manage the rehearsals & Susan stage manage the performances. We'll both be there for tech week (the week before the show). We agreed. It's a great arrangement. For one thing - I miss my husband TERRIBLY in July when i do the summer musical. It's a heavy rehearsal schedule but it's a much heavier performance schedule - with 21 definite performances & 9 possible ones (depending on ticket sales) all in one month! I hate to miss the summer musical - this is my 5th one in a row - so the way we are doing this is kind of a win-win for me! 

But i am definitely going to miss it!  It has truly flown by - opening night is just 2 weeks from today! I told Susan i will work backstage for her a few times during the month when she is low on crew, because i know i'm going to miss everyone a lot! This has been one of the very best casts i've ever worked with & i'm also loving the director. I'd never worked with him before so i wasn't sure - but i could definitely work with him again. He's great - & always letting me know how much he appreciates me, which is nice...not all directors remember to thank their stage managers. & let me tell you - Stage Managers do the most work. I don't think that is an untrue statement!! 

My friend, Davis, has been coming to rehearsals & has been taking lots of pics. I'm so glad - he's gotten some great ones! And he even got some of the production team in action. You may have to click this one to see it bigger...& sorry it is so dark! But there we are. Not all of these people are at every rehearsal. Usually it's just me, the director, music director & choreographer. But at this one, our lighting designer, performance SM, ASM & a crew member came to watch!

This one below is of some of the cast rehearsing. We have a great group of kids & our Maria was just born to play Maria, i think. :)

 Here's one of our Maria (Jamie) rehearsing...

I have more pics, but suddenly blogger is being mean... ah, well. Will get them up later! :)
By the way...the show is going to be really good. If you're in Baton Rouge, you should come see it! 

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  1. How fun!!!! If I lived in the same state, lol, I'd totally come watch one of the performances.

    It makes me want to find a play to be a part of!


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