Sunday, July 25, 2010

After the matinee

Today was fun! I stepped in for the show, Sound of Music, because the Assistant Stage Manager couldn't be there. It was great being around the cast & crew again. I love theatre people, seriously! :) After the show, there was a party being held at Bill's house (the guy who plays Captain von Trapp). I went & had a great time. Lots of fun outside (even though it was humid, yuck!). Tons of delicious food & i had the BEST dessert i have EVER tasted - "sopapilla cheesecake" - not cheesecake at all, really - just a lovely cream cheese & cinnamon concoction. It was...AMAZING! HA! Anyway, i really enjoyed spending some time with the cast & crew tonight. Here are some pics from the evening!!

Baylie (Brigitta) & Katelyn (awesome crew member!)

Whitney & Bess with their hubbies. :) 

Lots of people took a turn on the rope swing! It was hilarious! This is Jamie, our Maria, shrieking as she flew almost into the tree branches! :)

Me & Beth, who plays the housekeeper, i just love her!

Chris & Mary 

& then this is what i saw on my way home...yes i got out my camera while driving...but i was stopped at that red light! (I'm sure other drivers thought i was nuts!)

Okay, so it was a wonderful evening! Hope yours was too! :)


  1. hehe!!i love the red light picture!!

    What a great night!!!

    I just love how short but super cute your hair is!!!i always look about 12 when my hair is short :(

  2. I was looking at your pics on facebook too... the rope swing looks like fuuunnnnnn!

  3. Looks like a fun afternoon with friends! I love that rope swing.


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