Sunday, July 18, 2010

Amanda & Matt

Last night was the wedding of a dear friend of mine (& old roomie), Amanda. It was a beautiful wedding & we stayed til the very end, when they left in a car full of balloons & wrapped in streamers! HA! The wedding was so much fun, we truly had a blast. Some highlights -

1- When they asked the best man, Adam, for the bride's ring, he pulled out pink streamers from his pocket - the streamer kept going & going - & then he produced the ring. It was pretty funny.

2- Later on, when the pastor pronounced them husband & wife, the three groomsmen put on party hats, & threw streamer thingies & blew those party blowers! I was like 'oh lord' but it was actually really funny & cute with Amanda & Matt kissing! I bet the photographer loved it & got some fun pictures!!

3- I don't usually dance at weddings because i don't know HOW... Brad & I only know how to dance for slow songs but a lot of times we go to weddings where it's all fast songs! We danced 2 dances together & also, Amanda got me to go out there for a line dance! I picked up the steps quickly & had a blast! Whew! It is NOT easy dancing in heels (especially for me - i can barely even walk in them!) but i did good! HAHA.

4- Amanda had told them to not write on the car... it's a rental & if they decorated it, it had to be something they could easily clean up. Well, the car was FULL of balloons & the outside had balloons & streamers! It was cute. But it was really really funny & cute watching Amanda try to get in there with her poofy wedding dress & all those balloons!! Matt (her new husband) was popping the balloons like crazy & also helping her stuff her dress in the car. It was hilarious!

5- Saving one of the best parts for last... Amanda's nephew could not walk yet just a week or two ago! I thought she was a little bit crazy when i saw her facebook status that said "Landon has 2 weeks to learn to walk so he can walk down the aisle at our wedding!" haha! Brave, putting a kid so young in your wedding, but wow - he was PERFECT & adorable!! That part of the wedding was a HIT! I shoulda gotten a picture. He JUST learned to walk & he walked the whole way down that aisle! He did so good!! It was PRECIOUS! The flower girl held his hand the whole way & had to go very slow... :) I said, "he deserves applause for this!" & sure enough - once he got down the aisle, everyone applauded!! I didn't get a pic of him, so i borrowed one from his dad - this isn't the wedding day - & he actually had a coral bowtie to match the wedding party. Anyway - isn't he precious!?

More pics for you - Enjoy!

Newlyweds! Matt & Amanda Eastman (i love the sound of that!)

Me with Amanda & Jenny.

Me & Brad. :)

Me & my dear friend, Becca!

Gorgeous & DELISH wedding cake, made by my friend Ali. 

Ali & Eric :) 

Dancing! (& being silly!)

Cutting the groom's cake (also made by Ali) - which had twinkies in tuxes! HA!

Me with the Bride & Groom! 

Brad taking a bite of that delicious cake!! 

Ali, Mrs. Jan (Ali's mom) & Mrs. Lynette

Amanda & Jenny, getting ready to toss lavendar at Amanda & Matt!

Off they go!! 

Looking at the balloon-filled car! See the coral colored dress? Wish i'd gotten another pic of the bridesmaids - i LOVED their dresses!! Beautiful! :)

HAHAHA - Amanda is CRACKING UP at all the balloons - & Matt is helping her stuff her dress into the car!

So cute!! 

We truly had a Blast at this wedding & wish Amanda & Matt all the best!


  1. That wedding looks like SO much fun!! Such a special day! You looked gorgeous!

  2. Twinkies in tuxes!! AMAZING! Sounds like a really fun wedding... and those are the best kind!

  3. hahaha i love all of the little things in the ceremony!!!

    The pictures are great- you are beautiful :)

    i love the car picture :D

  4. YAY! Love them! I know she's been counting down the days! I remember one of my favorite things about getting married was the fact that I didn't or he didn't have to go home at night!! AGHH!! I hated that part. Being married is like having a sleepover party with your best friend every night!

  5. I LOVE this blog! Thanks for summing up my whole wedding. When people in CA wanna know details about the wedding I will just send them to your blog..haha. I'm soo glad that you had fun. Being married is the best thing ever!! And lindsay is right..its like having a sleepover with your best friend..its sooo cool. haha :) I can't wait to see the video of Landon walking down the aisle. I was outside and heard everyone clapping for him. I wanted to peek in the door and watch ;) For the rehearsal he only walked half way down the aisle and crawled the rest of the way. Anywho, it was amazing and I had a blast..thanks for being there and being such a great friend. Love you MEL!!


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