Sunday, July 4, 2010

BBA Reunion!!

That's Jenni, my very best friend from Kindergarten - 4th grade. I have only seen her once since 4th grade! I ran into her when i was about 19 or so - thru the bank drive-thru at the bank where she worked! I hadn't seen her before or since then...until this weekend!! 

Oh, yes. There are some things i despise about Facebook, but there are some really awesome things as well. One of them is that me & Jenni found each other on FB & we also managed to find almost everyone else from our class at Brownsfield Baptist Academy! She started up a "BBA Group Therapy" page (haha) on Facebook & we all reconnected there & have been talking for months. We got along so well online that someone had the idea of a reunion. After months of planning it was all arranged. Jenni now lives in Texas, so since she was coming in town this weekend to visit family, we planned the reunion for this Friday night - dinner at Superior Grill, a local mexican favorite. 

I have to admit - i was a little nervous. I am often perceived as outgoing, but get me in a group of people i have never met (or haven't seen in years) & i can be shy & quiet. My hubby is the same way. (He also went to BBA, but was 3 grades ahead of me.) So we got there & i immediately found Jenni, the other Jennifer & Travis waiting for our table. Travis I've kept in touch with & my hubby has been friends with him over the years, too. Anyway, there was NEVER an awkward moment or a loss for words. It felt like family. It felt like i should have never lost touch with these people. I laughed & smiled the entire night & truly had a wonderful time. i didn't want the night to end!! And it seemed the feeling was mutual. I cannot wait till we get together again. 

Sorry for picture overload...but here we go! 

 Jennifer, Jenni, & Brennan (Travis' wife).

Lea & her husband. I sat across from them & had the best time. Lea is a delight! There is no other word. She is funny, sweet, sincere & doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. I loved her in elementary school & i loved her this weekend! Was ecstatic to find that she lives very nearby!! We're definitely going to get together! 

Married 13 years! Crazy how we're the same age & we've only been married 1.5! HA! Anyway, they are still madly in love. I love it! 

Lea & Jenni 

Lea, John & Jennifer. John found out that we all were saying on FB how hansome he turned out to be!! HAHA! He turned out to be a pretty cool guy! He is very similar to my husband in personality & interests. 


 Kelly & her husband

Michelle & her husband

Someone got out the yearbooks! EEK! 

Me & Michelle. We also went to high school together.

Us with Travis, who was a friend of both of ours throughout the years.

Lea, Mona & Jennifer. 

Our whole class! Who knew we'd get together after all these years!! 

We truly had a great time & i really look forward to seeing them all again!!


  1. I love reunions!!! I've been helping plan one that's happening this coming weekend for people from college that were in Campus Crusade for Christ at the same time. Should be loads of fun.

  2. How fun!!!!! I have reconnected with several friends from HS via FB and am grateful I did. That's so great that you were able to get together and have a good time!


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