Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Beautiful Wedding.

Last night we attended the wedding of two good friends of ours - Trey & Megan. I have known both of them since I started going to HeartsEase Family Life Church 5 years ago. They weren't dating back then. Brad met them when he started coming to the church in 2008. We love them dearly! Brad & I were both on the praise team for awhile & so were they - Megan sings & Trey is the drummer. So we've gotten to know them better over the years. I am so glad that we were there & Brad was honored to do the music for the wedding.  Everything about this wedding was beautiful! They had this cool chandelier thing that i loved haha. You'll see it in a pic below but it's kind of a blurry pic. The music in the wedding was awesome. They also wrote their own wedding vows - something me & Brad didn't do because it seemed too nervewracking! And we liked the traditional vows. But wow - their vows made me cry! Just SO sweet!!

Megan sang to Trey... it was a surprise - he thought there was going to be a trumpet playing while she walked down the aisle. At the rehearsal dinner, the trumpet player had left, so Mrs. Dee (Megan's mom) just said, "Brad, will you give us some fanfare for her to walk down the aisle since the trumpet guy left?" & Brad just played "Here comes the Bride". So Trey never knew anything was up. When she got in place at the back of the church last night, she sang to him!! It was a beautiful song!! Her sister Erin was on the stage with a mic to take over the song if Megan started crying & couldn't keep singing! HAHA. But she didn't have to sing. Megan made it all the way through & only got really teary at the end of the song. The whole wedding was just beautiful & sweet.

The reception was a blast! It was at The Oak Lodge, which i love... gorgeous atmosphere. There was lots of dancing & an AWESOME band. Erin, Megan's sister, got to sing At Last by Etta James with the band & it was UNBELIEVABLE! She sang that at our wedding after we got married when we walked together back down the aisle!! This, though, had this fantastic jazz band & she nailed it! Someone jokingly told her that Etta James called & wanted to take voice lessons from her. HAHA - but i'm not kidding you at all - the girl can SING!!! Wow! So anyway... here are some pics from last night.

Sisters Megan & Erin
Megan is the bride & Erin is her maid of honor. She's also our worship leader at church & the best singer ever! :) 

Sorry it's blurry - but i wanted you to see that gorgeous dress & the cool chandelier! 

Tommy & Sarah

My friend Terri & her baby girl, Rachel 

Robert & his baby girl, Rachel 


the wedding cake!

Loved the groom's cake with the drums!! :)

Our Pastor - Pastor Philip & his wife, Kelly. 

Rich, a groomsman (& our children's pastor) cutting a rug!!

Me with Baby Rachel! Aww! I love her! :)

Me with Sarah & Terri. 

Us with the beautiful newlyweds!!

It was a wonderful night! Loved it!   
Congrats to Trey & Megan Kelly!


  1. Wow, that bride was absolutely beautiful. You look smashing too. Glad you had a good time.

  2. AW I love that photo of you and brad! I also LOVE her dress!!!


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