Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Better days.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on "Discouraged". They really helped! Thanks for listening to me vent for a minute! Sometimes life can be tough, ya know!?

Well, i think things may be getting better. My Blazer is fixed! I did not know that while we were at work yesterday, Brad's dad was getting it fixed for me! I swear - i have the BEST in-laws! So we got to run by there after work to pick it up! And the financial damage is not near as bad as i was expecting. Thankfully we didn't have to replace the rims - just the tires. Much better! WHEW! So that means only one day of carpooling this week - when i thought it would take all week... Yipee!

Not that i mind riding to work with Brad...it just is a hassle & i have to get up earlier - which i don't like! ;)

I do still have a hanging sideview mirror...it's real cute, let me tell ya! I should take a pic of it!

Yesterday was my first evening home during the week in ages it seems & it was wonderful. I cooked up some shrimp stir-fry for dinner, got in bed with a book & then went to sleep early! I needed that!

Since i have my car back, i can go to the gym this afternoon. So funny that yesterday i really wanted to go (no vehicle) & today i do NOT want to go (vehicle)! But i always feel better when i go & i really do want to lose the weight. So i don't have a choice, do i?

Sometimes i really get down about the weight thing, but other times i'm all positive about it. It's just been a long struggle & it doesn't seem fair. I know thin people hate hearing fat people complain about their weight & then do nothing to fix it - but try not to judge me here, because i can assure you - i have done something about this - for YEARS. And it's not WORKING. I know it can work. I believe it WILL work. And i AM doing something about it. But it's just taking an awful long time. And it sucks.

This is what i have to keep telling myself:

So what if it took me a year to lose 20 pounds? It took me 6 months to GAIN 20 before i changed my lifestyle. This is true. In the first 6 months of marriage, i gained 20 pounds. Without even trying. That was from January to June 2009. In June 2009, i changed my lifestyle (& also started my weightloss blog). By June 2010, i'd lost 20 pounds. So what i have to remember is - if i had NOT changed my lifestyle - then i would be 40 pounds heavier!! & that is a SCARY-sounding weight, let me tell ya! I'd rather lose slowly than not at all. But i am going to have to work a bit harder. Or talk to someone to figure out what the deal is. Or SOMETHING. Something has got to give!

Anyway, i love & appreciate all of your comments. I'm going to make wiser choices this week with food (I didn't focus on it as much last week) & i'm going to keep it up at the gym. I'll also try new classes & stuff at the gym since i'm done with The Sound of Music now! :) YES!


  1. So I'm totally going to seem like a broken record, but I swear by pilates - literally swear by it. I had gained about 30 pounds in college and lost it by alternating walking and doing pilates DVDs. It's amazing how toned they helped me become!

    Your attitude about this is incredible - you are such an inspiration to people trying to achieve any goals!

  2. Keep up the great work...glad things worked out with your car. Nothing worse than car worries.

  3. Glad to hear things are looking up!

    And just keep moving forward on the weight loss and the rest will take care of itself. If it was easy to lose weight, everyone would be thin.

    Those are my 2 cents. :)


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