Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bistro Byronz!

On Tuesday, a local restaurant did a fundraiser for us... us, meaning Baton Rouge Little Theatre. :) Everyone who ate there between 5 & 9 pm that mentioned BRLT - 20% of the profit of their meal went to BRLT! And if you got a to-go order, 10%! Needless to say, we had that place packed! :) I think it is really cool of Bistro Byronz to do this for organizations in the community! Cool, and smart. They had that place packed on what is probably not usually a busy night. It was really fun knowing everyone that came in the doors of the restaurant! Some of the cast of The Sound of Music sang a few songs, too. We didn't have rehearsal because of this event, so it was a nice little break. Brad & I went there after work & had dinner & lots of fun talking with other theatre friends. Lots of table hopping, which was fun (we stayed put...but lots of different people came to visit throughout the dinner). Then we left & i was home way earlier than usual (due to rehearsals). We had a great time & i'm thrilled that Bistro Byronz does this for arts organizations in the community. Here are some pics from Tuesday night (Blogger's finally letting me upload pics! Woohoo!)

 BRLT's wonderful accompaniest, Dr. Terry Byars. He played showtunes all night & accompanied the cast when they sang some songs from The Sound of Music.

I had a hard time taking pics in here because the lighting was wierd... anyway...me & brad. :)

 Me & Susan, the other SM! She is the one who will take over & SM the performances. I love her! 

Ashton & Eryn. Aren't they cute?! Ashton was recently cast in BRLT's RENT, which will be this fall. Eryn is playing Liesl in The Sound of Music.

Bess, Michael & Jamie. Jamie is playing our Maria, & Bess is Sister Berte. Michael is Rolf. Love these three!! Wish you could hear them SING! 
 More cast of The Sound of Music! Erin (Mother Abbess), Paula E (Sister Sophia), Paula A (Sister Margaretta) & Beth (Frau Schmidt).

We had a great time!!

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