Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Few Facts.


a few facts about me (that you might not have known)!

1. I can remember dates like nobody's business... I'll wake up every morning, see the date on my cell phone & go, "Oh! It's so & so's birthday!" & that "so & so" may be someone i haven't seen in 20 years. It's kinda crazy.

2. I hate forwards in email & the silly applications on Facebook. I block the applications & i delete forwards. The only time i might open a forward, is if it's from someone that NEVER sends them. Then i know it might be worth reading.

3. To relax, i need 3 things:
- a bath, filled with hot water
- either a glass of wine or a cup of coffee
- a really good novel

4. I never cooked until i was engaged. Mom always tried to get me in the kitchen to learn stuff, but i just was not interested. I feared that i did not take after my sister, mom, & Meemaw, who are incredible cooks! Thankfully, i suddenly picked up the interest when i was engaged & now a LOVE to cook. Even if i had a really hard day - it seems to relax me. :) & i wouldn't say I'm "incredible" - I'm still learning - but so far i haven't messed up a single dish! Brad is very happy. :)

5. I do not know how to do my hair. I get by with shampoo, conditioner, a little anti-frizz stuff, hair dryer & a flat iron. But man... if i need to pull a piece up or style it cute for a party - I'm just outta luck. :(

6. When i am thinner, i will probably wear dresses all the time.

7. I have wanted to visit Charlotte, North Carolina & Savannah, Georgia for many years now. I don't know why. They just seem like two cities i would fall in love with. :)

8. I heart chic lit. :)

9. I am a huge people observer. I love imagining what kind of work they do for a living, or what their interests are. I like seeing how they act. My newest place to observe is at the YMCA, while I'm working out. So many different types of people there. I love it.

10. I bought myself an HTML & CSS book with big dreams of learning how to do web design. My goal was to read it in 2010. Um, yeah - haven't started. :(

11. Next year, I will audition for Crimes of the Heart. If i don't get cast, i will audition for Guys & Dolls. I love stage managing, but i miss acting.

12. I can't wait till I have kids. I just hope everything i learned while being a nanny did not disappear from memory!

13. I still sometimes cannot believe i am married. I know I have been married for almost 2 years now, but i was single for 11.

14. I can sing in front of hundreds of people, but do not ask me to sing in front of 3. I can't do it. I won't.

15. The only time i ever got sent to the principal's office was for pulling a chair out from under my lab partner. I thought it would be funny. It wasn't.

Well, that's enough for today!! :) Guess i should get to work now...


  1. I love "get to know you" lists!

    You were only 11 when you got married?! :)

    I never learned how to do hair either. My daughter really wishes I knew how to French braid. She always asks my MIL to braid her hair when she's here.

    I'm good at remembering some not so useful numbers also. Like my driver's license number - know it. My phone number as a kid 25 years ago - know it. But I don't know my kids' social security numbers. And those are kind of important. :)

  2. So i totally just replied to your comment via email & then discovered you are a "no reply" blogger! BUMMER! But this was the email -

    HAHA - well i mean, i was completely single (didn't date anyone at all) for 11 years before brad!!

    I DO know how to french braid - from years working at daycare - you french braid one kid's hair & they ALL want it done. But yeah - making it all cute & fun for fancy parties? Not gonna happen! I can't even pull a piece up w/o it looking all crazy!

    Weird w/ the numbers! I'm the same way - i still remember the address & phone number of the house where i grew up from birth to age 9! I know my driver's license number & all that... but i am terrible at math - shouldn't those numbers come in handy for that?!

  3. Love your fun facts!!
    #2- YES!!! I hate Farmville and all those silly FB apps and cannot understand how people get SO into them!!!
    #3- sounds perfect...I wouldn't mind if my hubs joined me too, hee hee.
    #5- yes
    #6- YES!!! I want to LIVE in cute summer dresses and sweater dresses with leggings....*sigh*
    #8- yes
    #15- the only time I ever got in *trouble* at school (other then skipping in HS, LOL) was for going to the bathroom during recess without asking in 3rd grade. Such a rebel, even at a young age. :)

  4. Oh, how fun! I love learning random facts about people! I want to do a post like this!


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