Saturday, July 24, 2010

a few things

I really want to go walk the lakes today. I was going to go to the gym but as we were standing outside after eating at Brad's parents house I realized it wasn't too hot. Not as hot as it's been lately. The wind is blowing too! I know it's just pre-storm weather. So i texted a couple of friends but they can't meet me at the lakes. Brad can't either because he's working hard in his studio. Aahhh! i may just go by myself... :)

Speaking of breakfast this morning - which was delicious by the way - while we were eating, Brad's mom started CHOKING. I mean, seriously choking where she was not even able to breathe! Brad jumped up & did the Heimlich Maneuver! I am not kidding. All was fine after that, but man - we were about to call 911! i was looking at her & Brad's dad said i had a look of pure terror! HA!! I was like "ohmygod!" but once she started coughing, i knew it would be okay. :) Scared the mess out of me, though! (As a side note - good to know that Brad is able to do that! It worked!!)

Last night I watched Leap Year  - & i didn't like it at all. :( I love Amy Adams, she is one of my favorite actresses, but i did not like the movie. The guy she ended up with was not likeable at ALL. And her bad luck throughout the movie was terribly overdone - like 'really? that would never happen!' Ugh. I also have Crazy Heart in from Netflix. Hopefully it is better! Though it's a totally different type of movie.

A few weeks ago, I got two new books & read them both. They were EXCELLENT! Both were new (to me) authors, so it was a risk. But now i must read all of their books. I may do a review on them later today - but one was "After You" by Julie Buxbaum & one was "the love of her life" by Harriet Evans. So yesterday i ran to the bookstore & got two books by the same two authors. HA! Very well written!! I'll be reading all day today & washing the clothes - since we finally have a fixed dryer!! :)

By the way - please bear with me with the look of this blog. I am so aggrivated that the title won't move up a little... I got help from Amanda at Kevin&Amanda who is the guru of all things html & she gave me two codes to try & they didn't work! So now i have no idea what to do!! I mayhave to get a whole new background, but i hate to do that because i love this one. If anyone can fix this, let me know! I just want the Title & subtitle to be moved up just a little!! & obviously the Little Mrs. Married would need to be in pink or black. Bleh!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I probably won't workout, today. Too lazy, lol.

    I agree with you about Leap Year. Really wasn't fond of it, at all.

  2. I'm so glad Brad's mom is okay!

    I don't get to see many "grown up" movies. I've been trying to change that lately. I rented The Notebook (loved the book and the movie) and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt - YUM!). Of course, I have to watch them on my laptop since I have no control over the tellie. :) Anyway, I'll have to remember not to bother watching Leap Year.

    I might, however, have to read those books! Laura just loaned me a few, so once I'm done with those. My list just keeps getting longer!

  3. hahahaha. Kim said Brad Pitt - YUM. hahaha. I'm so over Brad Pitt. Although one movie I love him in is Meet Joe Black... but it's more that I love the character. Anyways... back on track...

    How crazy that Brad had to do the heimlich on his mom! Crazy.


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