Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting to Know You.

Hey All! Hope you like the new look on my blog! I stripped it of the cute fonts & cute header...just wanted something simple for awhile, until i decide what I want to do. Maybe a blog makeover is in the works. But for now - I'm kinda liking this one! Thank you, Smitten Blog Designs

Today is Getting to Know YOU, courtesy of MannLand5

1) What do you look forward to most on the Fourth of July? 
Honestly? An extra day off of work. And spending the day with the family. Which we did today. =)

2) Are you a hugger? 
Yes. Not in an over-the-top kind of way. I understand the need for personal space! But in many circumstances, i will hug someone if i feel the urge. =) Of course, I'm often around either (a) family, (b) theatre friends, or (c) church friends. All three groups are huggers! So even if i wasn't, it'd be hard to get away from it! HA!

3) What is your favorite BBQ'd food? 
Oh, gosh. I mean, really? IDK. Today we had hamburgers & hotdogs on the grill, baked beans, & other stuff. That's what i like on the 4th of July!

4) Do you like to watch parades?
No. Not at all. On TV, in the comfort of my living room, sure. But i'm not a huge fan of going to them. Standing in the heat & humidity just to catch some beads (or whatever)? No, thanks. The only time i had FUN at a parade was when i was the one on the float throwing stuff! =)

5) Who has stinkier farts? Boys or Girls? 
Really? I mean, you seriously have to ask this???

6) Vampires or werewolves? 
I'm just not into Twilight anymore. At all. And that's what I think of with this question. I guess in general, vampires. 

7) Do you read your horoscope?
No. I mean, if i happen to come across it, i might read it to see what it says. That's about it. It's not taken seriously, in fact - I usually forget it right away.

8) What is your favorite flavor ice cream?
I'm not a huge ice cream eater. I don't HATE it, but i usually am okay with any kind & i usually only like 2-3 bites. Then i'm done. But i recently tried Bluebell's Blackberry Cobbler & OH.MY.GOSH. SO GOOD! We had a craving for ice cream today & went to the store to get some - they didn't have it. Got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough instead. Which was good, but not what i had been really wanting!! Oh-well!

Hope you're having a wonderful 4th of July!!


  1. I like the new layout! I've been trying to simplify a little bit, too - sometimes I get caught up in what I can do and forget that it might be tooooo much!

  2. Ha ha, I swear there is always some weird/inappropriate/odd question on these surveys that often prevent me from participating. I am glad to see you opted out of the farting question, I might have lost a little respect for you if you did, ha ha.

    Hope you enjoyed your extra day off work yesterday, I sure did!!!


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