Sunday, July 18, 2010


Well - it seems to me that things are looking up!! :)
Everything is better.

My mood is better, for one thing. My outlook is positive. Things are going to be fine!

- My car has 2 new tires & the mirror is temporarily fixed until it can be "really" fixed.
- Brad is going to get someone out here to fix the dryer hopefully this coming week.
- A guy I know owns an auto glass company & is giving us a fantastic deal to get Brad's windshield replaced!
- The a/c is at least cooling & we can fix it soon enough.

We are going on vacation in just 6 weeks! Ahhh! It's coming soon! A 7 day vacation - meaning NO WORK for & 7 DAYS! (& we both have paid vacation time!) Ahhh! I can hardly wait!

The most exciting news of all is something i've been dying to share! Most of you know that Brad is a musician. I don't know if you know EXACTLY what he does, but i will tell you - he can do many things, but mainly he orchestrates & composes music. He doesn't actually play the instruments - he uses software to orchestrate the music. It is hard to explain, but it is amazing!! Well, the big news is - he got a paid orchestration job!! A nearby church called him & asked him to do the strings section of the Christmas cd they are making. Brad was unsure because he didn't know how much time they would give him. But he told them how much time he needed & they agreed (8 weeks)!! So when their Christmas CD is out, it will say "Strings orchestrated by Brad Venable" &  his name will get out! I am so freaking proud of him, i cannot even tell you!! They brought him the sheet music & the cd of their songs on Friday. Well, today he got to work on it. He had to email them a sample song to show them how it is going to sound. Well, we got the BEST voicemail later from the worship pastor at that church. I actually teared up listening to it! He said (almost word for word) -

"Hey Brad,
Just got your email & listened to the song you sent us & wow...dude, you are rockin'! I just - wow - i mean, i actually like it better than the original! So, yeah...you're hired, hahaha. Thanks so much for doing this for us. If you have any questions or need anything, just let me know..."

Him saying that he likes it better than the original is crazy - because the original is someone actually playing, say, the violin! But Brad is not playing the violin - he is using software of violin samples to orchestrate the music! Anyway, i  left out lots of great things that the guy said, but i can't remember now! I am so pumped for Brad, though!! And this is just SUCH good news in more ways than one! You should see Brad - he is so excited! So yeah - it is really great news & we are very excited! :)

That's it for now... hope you have a great week!


  1. I'm glad this week is looking up and that is awesome on the wonderful job & email for Brad! I love how much you love him :) Just reading this makes me smile!

    I will join you this week to get life back on track! To a new week!

  2. Yeah for Brad!!! That is sooo awesome! Music is his passion and there is no better job than one that lets you use your passion and gifts and talents. I am so excited for you guys! What a cool thing you got going on!

    Read your email and YAY for that tooooo!!

  3. So glad to hear things are going better! Yay! for Brad's news!

    Have an awesome week!

  4. answers to prayer! yay, yay yay! I am so jealous you are taking a 7 day vacation... I have to settle for 3 days. But at this point, after over 1.5 years of NO vacation and NO time away from a baby, I think I would take a few hours at a motel 6... LOL.

  5. YAY!!! SO exciting for brad :D!!!!

    im glad your things are getting all fixed up!!! I hate how things like that start breaking down and before you know it, everything starts adding up!!!

  6. Great to hear the good news! Have an awesome week! :)

  7. Yay!! SO happy life is looking up for ya! We all have our off weeks. :)


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