Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have had lots of posts to do in the last week, but blogger will not let me upload pics. It works just fine on my other blog, but not on this one. I kind of don't know what to do. I emailed google help, but found that so have many other people over the last year & nobody is getting a response. Just a bunch of bloggers trying to figure it out. If you click "Help" on your blog & see where they say "What can we help you with?", enter "Server Rejected" & see what all comes up. Many bloggers asking what is wrong & why is no one from Google responding.

I'm so aggrivated. I can't fix this problem. Every pic i upload says "Server Rejected". And the things I've wanted to post about all have pictures to go with it!!

Anyway...that's why I haven't been around here lately... Lots going on... but blogger is not cooperating. If you want to read about my weight loss journey, check out my other blog. Other than that - sorry...



  1. I've been having similar issues. ONly it takes mine FOREVER to upload, if at all, of course I blame it on my crappy internet connection, who seems to have taken a vaca to Amersterdam, where it is sitting in a "coffee house" smokin' a fatty, and quite possibly some crack. Seems like it is on permenant vacation.

  2. I was uploading pics last night on Blogger and it would only let me do one at a time...ugh. I haven't tried today, but something is definitely up...arrghhh!


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