Thursday, July 29, 2010

i heart fiction

I recently picked up these two books at Barnes & Noble. I had never read these authors before, so it was a bit of a risk. But oh-my-goodness. I SO enjoyed these books that i now am reading "Hopeless Romantic" by Harriet Evans & I have "The Opposite of Love" by Julie Buxbaum next in line. They're very good, very well written. Love finding new authors!

After You can be a little sad. But it is so well written & realistic, i loved it. It's the story of a woman whose best friend is murdered (not giving away anything here - that is mentioned on the back of the book) & so she goes to England to be with her late friend's daughter because she is the godmother. She & her goddaughter become very close, while her own marriage with her husband back home begins to crumble. In the beginning of the book you identify with her, you  understand her & you are kind of irritated with her husband for not being a little more patient. But then you begin to understand the husband more as the weeks turn to months & she continues to stay in England, even though her husband misses her & wants her home. You begin to find out the secrets of why she is hesitant to come home. I loved this book, i loved the honest story of a woman who is dealing with personal issues & who is kind of running from her own marriage. And i loved the resolution that the author brought this story to...Excellent book!

When i began the love of her life, i honestly couldn't get into it at first. I came to the realization that it was simply because I began it immediately after After You & the writing style is so different. I continued reading it & at some point, it captured me. WOW, what a story. Lots of drama, humor & sadness. VERY well written. I told Brad that i actually think this book is kind of brilliant. Just the way she tells the story; the way the author ties it all together. It is the story of a girl in her twenties who has lived in NYC for three years. Prior to that, she lived in England her whole life. She has a wonderful family & friends & she had a great life there. When her father is ill, she has to go home to England to visit him & she is very afraid to do so. You begin to pick up on what happened that made her leave & some of it comes as a bit of a shock. WOW, so well written. I truly enjoyed this book! Fabulous!

**Just a note - These books are not found in the Inspirational Fiction section. They are in the regular fiction section. I know some of you read a lot of Christian books (I do, too!), but i wanted to warn you in case that is a standard in your life. There is a little bit of language & sex, nothing outrageous or over-the-top - just not necessarily how you or i would live our life. Let me put it like this - it's not something you wouldn't rent if it were a movie!  I would hate for you to pass the books up  because of that - VERY good reads! :) But i just thought i'd let you know.**

These were excellent books & i hope you check them out! I can't wait to read all of the other books by these two authors. :)

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