Saturday, July 3, 2010

& more rehearsals!

Rehearsals for The Sound of Music have been going very well! I am going to miss this cast! It seems like we had FOREVER until opening night & all of a sudden - it's HERE. Well, today is Tech Rehearsal. We open on Friday, July 9th. I have stage managed the rehearsals & my friend Susan will do the performances. So both of us will be there this week. My friend Davis has been attending rehearsals & has taken some great pics! Just thought I'd share!!

Vocal Warm-ups

Baylie (who plays Brigitta). Isn't she CUTE?

Ashleigh (who plays Marta). Another cutie!

 Jamie (who plays Maria). =)

Jamie & Nicky (who plays Kurt).

And pics while running the show...
 Captain von Trapp (Bill) & little Gretyl (Maddie)

Rolf (Michael) & Liesl (Eryn)

 Maria & the Captain

Maria with Gretyl 

Hope you enjoyed the pics!!

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