Saturday, July 31, 2010

my new purse & other stuff!

This morning I got up & went over to my parents. My dad had ordered me a new sideview mirror for Big Red & he had to put it on. I enjoyed visiting with my mom awhile while he installed the mirror. :) The new mirror is on now & it looks great!

Then, on my way home, i stopped at Susie Q's house for a new purse & wallet! How fun is that?! My purse is old & worn out, and my wallet is in even worse condition - it won't even close anymore & you can't keep change in it b/c the change compartment ripped. It's old. Susie Q's Accessories is a new  business that i follow on FB. She sells purses & wallets & the prices are always SUPER reasonable. So yesterday she put up this red purse & i loved it. I got a red wallet, too. Love it! So today i stopped over at her house to pick them up. I had no clue she lived so close to me - just five minutes down the road, max! She was really nice & i'm thrilled to have a new purse & wallet. :)

my new purse!

When i got home, i took a nap for awhile. Exhausted for some reason!! I didn't go to bed till 1 am because i worked last night until 11 & then was all hyper when i got home. I usually take a melatonin & make myself go to bed, but it's the weekend so i didn't care! i got up about 8 this morning. Maybe i just didn't get enough sleep. Tonight i have to work at the Manship Theatre again. I usually rep there (work backstage, assisting the performing artist), but last night i trained to be a house manager. I really enjoyed it! So that is what i will be doing tonight, too.

My husband's back is in so much pain! :( We actually think he hurt it giving his mom the Heimlich Maneuver! HA. I mean, he did that last Saturday & then Sunday morning woke up with a hurt back. He assumed he just hurt it in his sleep somehow. But he told his dad & his dad insisted he probably did it while helping his mom. It all happened so fast, but he jumped up & ran over to his mom, yanked her out of the chair & did the Heimlich! Well, his back hurt so bad Monday he didn't go to work. Tuesday - Friday it was much better but today it started hurting really bad again. :( Poor hubs.

Yesterday when i got in from work, there was a box waiting for me! It was the blender from CSN Stores that i plan to review on my weightloss blog. I'm so excited! Gotta buy some ice or frozen fruit, though, to make some good smoothies! Can't wait! It's a cute little blender. One of those little personal ones. Like this -

Speaking of my weightloss, it's getting better. I haven't weighed or anything, but i've increased my workout times (from 30 minutes to 40 minutes) & I've been measuring my portions. Something's got to give! So i'm excited. Plus, i am going to the new member's class at the YMCA this Wednesday & then they set me up with a personal trainer! That should help matters.

Ok, so i guess that's it for now! Have a lovely rest of your weekend!


  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE the red purse!!! I gotta check this place out!!! Super cute!!!
    Hope the hubby's back gets better soon :( A hurt back is so miserable!!!

  2. Super cute purse! Love the color!

  3. VFute purse i just found her FB page... i will have to check them out... i am a purse freak!!!

    Since you have our new blender you should try this... My mom made her a smoothie this morning and said it was awesome!! she is also dieting and working out with me.
    It has only 170 calories my mom said it was great. 1 Cup frozen strawberries , 1 Cup of non fat plain yogurt, 3 Tablespoons of Splenda.

    I plan on getting things to make me one when i go grocery shopping tomorrow!!! I hope its awesome!!! Let me know if you try it! I think i am going to add some fresh bananas to mine!!

  4. I love that purse! I've been looking for something similar but I think I want it in bright pink haha.

  5. The purse is so cute! Does she have a shop on Etsy? Or does she sell on the net in some other way? :)


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