Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh, good grief!

 I think my husband's bad week is rubbing off on mine.

Today after work I had to go to our church for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner for the wedding Brad is playing in this Saturday. The rehearsal started at 5:30 & Brad was already there practicing. I worked a little late to tie up some loose ends there because i'm off tomorrow for Brad's grandmother's funeral. Work & Church are on the same boulevard & the theatre is on a little side street just off of that boulevard. On my way to the church, i needed to run by the theatre to drop off some extra preview tickets i had. So i turn at the theatre & BAM!!

I hit this curb/drain thingie. Wasn't paying enough attention. And my tire went flat in an INSTANT. I got out & looked at it & just - oh my gosh!! (Did i mention that my sideview mirror fell off this morning? Yeah -it's hanging by a thread). The tire had a sharp horrid looking hole & the rim is bent. NICE. Well, i couldn't call Brad b/c i knew his phone wouldn't be on b/c he's playing at this rehearsal. Even if it was on, he wouldn't be able to answer it. Plus i didn't want to stress him out in the middle of practicing - I mean, he's had a really stressful & overwhelming & frustrating week! Normally if i couldn't get Brad in this kind of situation, i would call my dad or Brad's dad. But they were both at the wake for Brad's grandmother!!

So i just walked to the theatre.  And i get there & am thinking i hope SOMEONE will drive me to the church. Everyone was there for the Sound of Music preview night. So i get there & my friend Robert (who is Asst. Stage Managing Sound of Music) is like "what are you doing here?!" b/c i said i couldn't be there for preview. And i told him what happened. And he's like "here, take my keys". So he gives me his keys! I was like "How am i going to get your truck back to you?!" & he was like "after the rehearsal dinner, brad will follow you here, you'll drop my truck off & go with him." YAY! (Great friend, he is!)

So i took his keys & left. Got to the church & Brad was on stage practicing. I sat there for almost an hour & i was so nervous! I didn't want him to be mad at me (which i knew he wouldn't - he doesn't get mad at things like that) but i didn't want to add one more thing to his week becausec he's terribly stressed. So anyway he comes over to me after he gets a break from playing & as soon as he got to me i said "Something happened & you're going to be really upset" & i started CRYING! Right there in the church! Wonderful! (I didn't even expect that to happen!) UGH! He, of course, was totally nice & sweet about it. He had to go back up to practice, so i ran to the bathroom to fix my face. :)

After the rehearsal, he followed me back to the theatre, i parked Robert's truck, ran inside to give him the keys & then rode with Brad back to where my car was. And GUESS WHAT?!

Ii busted TWO tires. Not one - TWO! BOTH have horrid holes & BOTH have bent rims! I CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT!! I was so upset! Well, Brad wanted to call his dad b/c he always calls his dad for stuff like that but his dad was at his grandma's wake!! So i texted his sister to have his dad call me as soon as he could. So we go to the rehearsal dinner. And ate & all that & all is okay now. His dad called us back & tomorrow we're going to get it fixed. Hopefully my car will be safe there!

So tomorrow the funeral is at 10 am & Brad is a pallbearer. We have to be there at 8 o'clock in the morning! If you know me, you know i'm not a morning person & you could probably imagine that i was looking forward to sleeping in just a little later than usual since i'm off work!! If i had my car, i could go on my own at 10. But I have to ride with Brad. So i can't sleep in. Then we have the funeral, the burial & all that & then we'll hopefully get my car taken care of. Tomorrow is also opening night  & i am NOT going to miss it! But tomorrow is going to be exhausting. I hope i can get a nap in before opening night. & i hope i can have transportation to the theatre! ACK!

So yeah - tonight was not that great. And i know i sound mighty selfish. And i'm sorry. Just tired, overwhelmed, stressed & upset! Saturday will be better!!


  1. Oh, Melissa! I would be so upset! I hope you can get everything worked out after the funeral.
    P.S. I'm not sure if my email setting is set up...please don't be mad at me. Haha. I'm lazy.

  2. That all sounds so exhausting. Hope you get the car situation fixed quickly.

  3. I hope you were able to get a good night's sleep - praying for you all today.

  4. aw man that does suck. I hope everything is better for you today. I hope that tomorrow goes well too.

  5. Aww, Melissa...when it rains, it pours and it seems to be dumping on you right now :(

    Hopefully you were able to get some sleep. Enjoy your opening night. You deserve a bunch of sunshine right now!

    Sending some your way in the form of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens :)


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