Friday, July 23, 2010

So thankful!

Wow! What a great week! The two weeks before were AWFUL. But this week has been awesome! So thankful! :) 
All of the broken things are now fixed (or are being fixed)! Hooray! 

My side view mirror - dad's fixing today
My 2 tires - fixed last week
Brad's windshield - was fixed on Monday
the a/c - Um, i forgot what the deal was with the a/c, but it's cooling & that's all i'm really concerned about! 
Our Dryer - was fixed TODAY! Just in time! I swear, today i'm on my LAST clean pair of undies. Just sayin! HA!

So yeah - i think that's everything! I can't believe all of that stuff broke within just 4 or 5 days! Ridiculous!!

Now we're a little behind where we were financially. Gotta pay for all of the above - not fun!!

I always have heard that when you are going through a storm, don't fear because it just means that GOOD is right around the corner?! Well, i've always heard it & believed it, but i have never seen it SO CLEARLY before! We definitely had 2 terrible weeks & then a great one! This week -

Brad got that studio job
I got a RAISE! 
I was told that my job is officially SAFE! Whew! (a few months back i was told that i might not have a job soon. I was really upset, because i got a promotion in January & have liked my job SOOO much better ever since. It's stressful, but it's a different kind of stressful - it's better. The job i had before was HORRIBLE. & if they got rid of my position now, i'd be sent back to that terrible position! I couldn't go back - but i dreaded a job hunt. So...thankfully! I do not have to worry about it anymore! :) 
I'm also feeling good because i have worked harder than ever on my weightloss journey this week. Burning calories on the arc trainer at the gym & eating healthy! No fast food this week! No soda! & lots of good stuff! :) Tons of water! YAY! I am doing well. :)


So awesome...it's the weekend. I was supposed to work tonight but i got out of it. Have had a migraine all morning & it's now just a dull headache. I really just want to go home & rest! Tomorrow is a TOTALLY free day, except we're having breakfast at the in-laws. YAY! And i'll be washing clothes for forever now that our dryer is fixed! :) And Sunday is church & then i will be subbing on crew for the Sound of Music matinee. :)  

Please pray for the Louisiana - & the coast! Tropical Storm Bonnie is on her way & headed straight for Louisiana! But it's expected to stay a tropical storm - not become a hurricane. 

Have a great weekend! Oh & don't forget to enter my giveaway!! I will pick a winner tomorrow morning at 10 am, central time! :)


  1. YAY! What a happy post and a wonderful week! Things are definitely looking up and God is so good! =)

  2. So glad that things are looking up!

  3. whoo hoo! GLad your week got better! Yay for the raise too! ...i want a raise..

  4. So... I'm WAY behind on your blogs and finally catching up. :)

    Awesome about the job and raise and Brad and that music stuff. God is so good!

  5. Wonderful post!! Glad everything is going great for you!!!

    Wonderful news!!


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