Sunday, July 4, 2010


We are now in the home stretch for the show! BRLT's The Sound of Music opens Friday, July 9th. Because I'm the "Rehearsal SM", I only have 3 more rehearsals to go! I can't believe how fast this has flown by! Susan is gradually taking over this week & it's fully her show come Preview Night, which will be on Thursday. I cannot believe it's come to an end for me! I  truly have mixed feelings. It's been one of my best times as a stage manager - great director & cast, which is really all you need for a great show experience! On the other hand, i am tired. I miss my husband. =) So I'll be there for rehearsals Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. I have to miss Preview Night, due to a wedding rehearsal that we are going to on Thursday. But Friday i will sit in the audience for opening night! I'm SO excited! As a stage manager, i'm always wishing i could watch the show from the audience, but you can't - b/c you gotta work the show! But this time - since i split it up with Susan - i will be able to sit in the audience for opening! I'm truly excited about that. 

This Saturday was Tech. Tech is when you add the lights, fly's, etc to the show. I love it! We had just the crew come at noon (to work out all the scene changes, etc) & then the cast joined us at 3. It was a 10 hour rehearsal - yep. Tech is always known as a serious rehearsal! But it wasn't too bad at all... and one of the kid's dad's made a huge pot of jambalaya for us for dinner! DELISH!!! I took some pics yesterday during our dinner break. 

Keith, BRLT's artistic director & Jack, director for The Sound of Music

Jack & his two stage managers, me & Susan!
Ashleigh & Maddie, who play Marta & Gretl. Cuties.

Whitney & Bess, two of our nuns.

Baylie & Jamie, who play Brigitta & Maria

Ooh...some people ran to get Frosty's!! Sisters Mallory & Alaina, with Kevin.

Paula & Lee 

 We iz cool. HAHA.

Evan & Susan
Robert & Susan - Robert will be Susan's ASM during the run of the show.

Kelly & Kathy

Me & Eryn

Me & Jack - Seriously one of the best directors I've ever worked with! 

Can't wait till opening night! =)

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