Thursday, July 29, 2010

this & that

Last night, while in bed, my hubby & I had this conversation: 

Me: "I sure wish i could go to sleep!" 
Brad: "Well, i know of two critters who can help you with that!" 
Me: (thinking "huh? critters? what?") "Who?"
Brad: "Your upper lip & your lower lip!" 

HAHAHAHA! Ok, so i have a little problem where i get all chatty when it's time to sleep! I really thought that was funnY! :)


In a few weeks (August 21 & 22) we are having a Women's Conference here in town. Actually, it's at my sister-in-law's church. I haven't been to one of these in too long & i am SO excited! My friends Becca & Aimie are going & maybe some others. I cannot WAIT! We'll have a service on Friday night. Then on Saturday, we'll have breakfast there & a morning service & then after it, we may go to lunch. I am SO looking forward to this, i can't even tell you!! Angela Thomas is the speaker - i don't know her, but i bet she's awesome! And Kari Jobe is the guest worship leader & i LOVE HER!!! Very excited!


This has been a tough week as far as my weightloss journey. I got real discouraged, to a point of depression. But i am better today - today is a NEW day & I have a fresh outlook! YAY! 


Going to the beach in six weeks! WOOHOO! 


Well, that's about it for now. :) Hope the rest of your week is lovely!


  1. I am sure you will enjoy the ladies conference. Sounds great!!

    Keep your chin up about your weight loss. All you can do is your best! Just keep on keeping on!! You can do it!

  2. Several friends and I are going to that conference! I'm so excited about it!!! I LOVEEEEEEEE Kari Jobe & i've also never heard angela thomas, but from what i've checked out on the internet, she sounds great! maybe I'll see you there!!! YAY!!!

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