Saturday, July 10, 2010


So yesterday wasn't too bad.  The funeral was nice. It was sad & there were tears, of course, but mostly it was comforting being with family & friends. After the burial, we went to Brad's aunt's house for lunch. Then they sent me home in Brad's car & Brad went with his parents to go check out Big Red (that would be my Blazer). I was honestly thankful they sent me home. I was EXHAUSTED! And stinky, too, since i just stood in a dress & pantyhose in 99 degree heat (I NEVER wear pantyhose - but with that particular dress (which was black) & my paper WHITE legs - it just wouldn't have been very classy for a funeral). :) Anyway, it was a super hot/humid day. So i went home & changed & relaxed.

Brad came home in a little bit to change. He said his dad was going to come pick him back up & they were going to go fix the Blazer. (They had just went to look at it before to see what needed to be done, but had to come home to change & to bring Brad's mom home). So they left again to take care of the car. They ran into all sorts of problems & ended up having to call a U-Haul place to rent a U-Haul trailer to drag my car home. (I don't even remember why now. It's all a foreign language to me.) So Brad calls me to look up the closest U-Haul place. I give him one & then notice they closed at 3 pm. Find another one that closed at 7 & so they go to that one. Brad called me later SO MAD because the U-Haul place would not let them rent the trailer. They said that Brad's Dad's truck was not heavy enough to take it. Um - wow - that's funny - because that is the truck that carried my Blazer back from Beaumont Texas last year - on a U-Haul trailer!! They told the U-Haul people that, but it didn't matter. They couldn't (wouldn't?) do it. So all that for nothing. They had to leave my car again & come back home. They were going to have to deal with it this morning.

Meanwhile my best friend Sarah came & picked me up & we went to see The Sound of Music!! It was a wonderful opening night! There were a few minor set issues that went wrong & also a couple of other things that the audience probably didn't even notice. Other than that - a FABULOUS show! I was really excited! I had ordered cards on Zazzle & they came out SO good! I always do thank you cards for the entire cast & crew & production team. I usually give them out at the last show, but since i'm working rehearsals only, i decided to give them out on Opening Night. Wish i had a pic of them, they came out REALLY good! I custom made them... on the front it's just a periwinkle blue color & in a cute white font it says "DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO". On the back it is white & at the top it says "The Sound of Music" & under it "BRLT - Summer 2010". They are postcards b/c notecards were too expensive! HAHA. Anyway, they came out great. They came in THAT DAY, so i was writing cards all afternoon! But they were really cute. I went backstage at intermission & passed them out. The cast was so excited to see me! It was fun. After the show, Sarah & I went to Coffee Call, a local coffee & beignet shop. We talked & talked & talked - i love getting together with her & we don't get to do it often enough, so we always have LOTS to talk about. She brought me home & we talked some more & i finally went to bed right before 1 AM. Oops. At least today is Saturday!!

So this morning Brad gets up first thing to go take care of my car. They had to take Brad's uncle's truck so that U-Haul will let them take it. Craziness. Did i mention he really needs to be practicing his music for the wedding tonight? But no - he's dealing with my car instead. :(

And also - now something is wrong with our a/c. It's working but the pan is filling up with water to overflowing just within a few cycles of the a/c running. NICE. We just had that thing totally fixed around April. So i don't know what is wrong with it. But the saying is true - when it rains, it pours. My poor husband is so stressed out. I remember that on his birthday (which was June 22) he had a really bad day that day at work. And i don't think it's gotten better for him since then! It's been one thing after another! It's ridiculous! I hope things calm down soon.

Tonight is our friend's wedding. I am really excited!

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  1. My mom says "if it's not ticks, it's fleas!" Sorry ya'll have such a rotten week...hope things are slowing down for you now. Loved spending time with you!!!


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